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  • Well, it depends. Sometimes people act like ass hats in a sarcastic manner, sometimes they do it when they're in a bad mood, but a lot of the time it can't really be explained. But if you come across them, remember: "Ignorance Is Bliss".
    Ah, the Fursuit forums. Nothing much of interest happens 'round there, from what I can tell. The general concensus around here is that The Den is where most of the drama takes place; i'd steer clear of dramatic activity unless you wish to make fun of it, as I do. You know what's really interesting, though? Threads in the Art Exchange where people complain about certain users "leeching art off people" and ganging up on them. They exhibit a strange sense of community spirit that you don't find anywhere else.
    Hi there; I wouldn't recommend "poking" people on actual threads, since the mods are quite tight on the ol' roleplaying. Anyways, how's FAF been working out for you?
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