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Hi Guys! I'm kinda new to the fandom, one of my buddies on deployment (I'm a military guy) shared the same interests as me and showed me that, wow, there are alot of other people who share my like of anthropomorphic art. As a Navy guy, I'm used to isolation on the ship and while stationed overseas (like I am now), but I decided to get more involved in my main hobby: writing. I am a short-story and aspiring novel writer, and am working on two books right now. I enjoy console style video games (not really an MMO guy), and also enjoy hiking and exploring the outdoors. I really like digital art and stories, especially in an adventure setting. My fursona is a wolf and siberian husky mix. I am also gay, but I am in the closet because of my job. Hopefully I can get to know some of you on here and hang out (well, virtually at least) with other people of like interests. Anyway, I love to talk so if you have any questions or anything give me a message!

Hiking, Reading, Writing (short-story/novels, my poetry sucks), History,Psychology, Botany, Go/chess
Jul 11, 1991 (Age: 31)
Does a ship count? When I'm not aboard, I'll be in
Fur Affinity Page
I'm a Husky/Grey Wolf hybrid
Red ring of death I guess
Steam ID
US Navy




Some things are learned best in storm, others in calm ~ Willa Cather

Screw you, and have a fine Navy day! :) - My Chief

Do you like my Avatar? It was done by the incredibly talented Darkgoose! Seriously, his stuff is awesome, check it out.


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