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  1. Rheumatism

    What is your talent?

    I would say drawing but I'm low to mid tier at best.
  2. Rheumatism

    Still a virgin?

    Virgins... that's an urban myth. Everyone has sex in high school.
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    I refuse to be on topic.
  5. Rheumatism

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    What's with all the reaction images?
  6. Rheumatism

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    Aren't you 30? Quit acting like a baby.
  7. Rheumatism

    What is your average family income?

    I come from a very poor family. Like poverty level poor.
  8. Rheumatism

    How old are you?

    I'm like 84 now.
  9. Rheumatism

    What do you do when your down or sad?

    I complain.
  10. Rheumatism

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    You are making some giant assumptions. The fuck you do if you think murder is a justifiable answer for someone expressing a different opinion than your own.
  11. Rheumatism

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    No one hates the cripples as much as you. I heard you take a shovel to every ramp you see.
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    Oh so you don't believe in freedom of speech then?
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    Oh, you should have put that in quotes like "What Would You Do?" What's so racist about it?
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    What TV show were you watching?