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    Quick! Grab the object that is standing to the right of you! It will serve you as a weapon!

    A high-energy kitten balancing on top of a can of root beer. I got this!
  2. Riavis

    Do your dreams form a repeated world?

    Same dream, slightly different details every time. Every night, except for about 4 during the last 2 years, for as long as I can remember. Gets frustrating and old.
  3. Riavis

    Mates and mated to tags

    I think the concept's kind of cute in a cheesy way. And are people really not getting the idea of this or are they trollin' and I'm clueless?
  4. Riavis

    I'm Alive &Stuff!!!

    That's Ixtu, silly.
  5. Riavis

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Prepare to laugh- I've prepared to be mocked. I quit WoW and SWTOR... to go back to Runescape. And so that I can have time to play Assassin's Creed.
  6. Riavis

    I'm Alive &Stuff!!!

    I remember him posting a few times. Then again, I've been on a long vacation myself and was never really popular anyways :P Welcome back!
  7. Riavis

    The south will rise again! South wants secession.

    They can't secede while I'm stuck here! Also, I don't see these folks governing themselves too well for any period of time.
  8. Riavis

    Species List Update

    Yay, my species is an option now :v Ocelots in the house yo.
  9. Riavis

    Constant Bad Dreams

  10. Riavis

    Constant Bad Dreams

    Almost forgot about the stress bit. This is what I get for posting at almost 3am :P More passed on therapist advice: think over the last few days. Has anything during your waking hours made you worried/scared/sad/mad or otherwise stressed to the point of a ( actual or borderline) panic attack...
  11. Riavis

    Constant Bad Dreams

    I know going to a therapist won't really get anything accomplished. I've had the same recurring nightmare with slight variations ever since the 6th-7th grade (makes 9-10 years now), can't go more than 4 days without having it and I've had it a couple years in a row with no breaks before. It...
  12. Riavis

    Underused Feline Species?

    Jaguars are underrated in the fandom. My fursona was almost one :/
  13. Riavis

    The Adventures of FaF v.2 (READ ORIGINAL POST)

    Buy the poor guy a drink at least.
  14. Riavis

    Underused Feline Species?

    I think a less generic response to this description (which would be a snow leopard imo) would be a Snow Bengal.