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    Looking for any RP

    male-on-male and vore. no offense, i just find vore a bit odd.
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    Offering Free Sketches

    That's fine, as long as people can tell what it is lol
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    Offering Free Sketches

    if you don't mind, I would appreciate a sketch of a fursona I recently created. I can send you the details via pm if you'd like, as I haven't posted the profile yet. I was hoping to draw it myself and take a pic to post, but realized I still suck at drawing lol
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    Looking for any RP

    So I'm looking for some rps, and I'm wanting to do it via pm on the main site. If you are interested, just comment in the thread with the details and I'll reply on whether or not I'm for it. Most any rp will do, but there are some things even I won't do lol.
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    Why do people put fetish warnings in the title?

    in some cases, the thumbnail can be a bit unclear as to the contents of the image, so I do appreciate warnings so I don't end up seeing vore when I want to see just a chubby lady lol
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    What's your favorite qoute?

    My two favorite quotes are some that speak deeply to me and help me strive to become better. "Do or do not, there is no try" -Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back " I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you...
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    worst virus you have ever gotten on your computer

    currently, I have a chromebook which sadly lacks in the antivirus department. Worst virus I ever got, though, was on an old laptop of mine. It was that annoying virus that acts like an FBI warning telling you that it will shut down your computer if you don't pay via a green dot card. I hate...
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    Manga recommendations

    I'd recommend Rave Master and Shaman King. Both are rather underappreciated and go beyond what the anime covers for both of them.
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    Looking to getting into writing Erotica. Any commissions?

    Well, I do have a request for you. I'm flat broke so I can't afford to pay you, but maybe we can hash out the details via personal messages.
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    Writers, let me ask you a question...

    While I mainly focus on novels and poems, I think I may enjoy the challenge of writing the script for a visual novel. I've never tried it before, though, so you may want to get someone with a bit more experience in that area.
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    just a fox that lounges in hoodies =)

    hello fellow hoodie lover, I am Rico. By the way, hoodies are awesome and you are awesome for liking them.
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    No, I am not. That line just happens to be from a game called Brutal Legend

    No, I am not. That line just happens to be from a game called Brutal Legend
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    The Rico has come!

    The Rico thanks you for the warm welcome lol
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    The Rico has come!

    Yes, before you ask, I refer to myself as The Rico, because there is no other Rico quite like me. I consider myself a connoisseur of the furry fetishes, tasting of each like a fine wine. I myself am an author, crafting works of literature that take the reader on flights of fantasy and fancy upon...