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  • School is taking priority at the moment. Sorry mate. I have to finish my remaining 3 classes before June, I have to participate in a very large buisness event then, and although I am not all that important, I will still be needed there, and will be paid for minimal effort work. And it's a nice place that I cannot disclose publicly- the plans are still tentative, as we still need to prepare many things.

    I apologize for my absence.
    Hey Riho :)
    You seem like a cool guy, can I add you as a friend?
    If you're okay with that, my Skype name is Dracimonde, so anytime you want to talk about something you can just add me and chat away :)
    hey sorry i havent gotten to finishing that project yet, i think im gonna scrap it for the moment. i got this big animation im working on atm and its taking alot of my time. ill try to get to it after i finish this project though.
    hey i got this little idea in my head... since you are my first friend on FA i was thinking of making a loop flash real quick of your char putting up a fist saying "fist bump!" or something like that, and my guy smiles and connects fist.. thing is i also wanted to make it a little funny because my guys gauntlet has a retractable blade in it and when he closes his fist in a certain motion it causes the blade to come out. so as soon as the fists connect his blades shoot out into your guys fist lol. no blood or gore it would just be a simple layering method where the blades appear inside the fist... sound good to you?
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