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    So what the heck actually happened here anyway

    Thanks for the replies, dudes. I've been so unimaginably out of the loop here, and seeing the place dead and buried for months, then suddenly back with zero mention of anything was just a little more surreal than I could ignore.
  2. Riley

    So what the heck actually happened here anyway

    Hi there, I'm a super old forumgoer who hasn't made more than five posts since 2012. With that out of the way, I'm super confused as to what the hell's been going on with this place in the last year or so. One day I pop back in to see what's going on, and I just get a 502 error page. Then, a...
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    First thing because I don't know if you know: Putting down a white sign is volunteering yourself to be summoned to another person's game. Interacting with a sign you see summons someone to your game. You have to be human to summon, but not to be summoned. You interact with a random group of...
  4. Riley

    Everyone that was here a few years back has left? 3:

    I regressed back to lurker status after all the cool arguing people got banned or bored.
  5. Riley

    How Well Can You Sing?

    Well enough to entertain myself.
  6. Riley

    Tripwire vs Casuals - Indie dev comments on this FPS generation

    While I can still enjoy a competently made and enjoyable enough singleplayer shooter like Crysis (1) or a Halo game if I want to get mad at poor level design, I've pretty much entirely given up on the competitive FPS scene. I lost my interest in TF2 once they started adding so many pre-order...
  7. Riley

    Planetside 2!

    I want to play this game, I really do. When I get to, I really enjoy it. It's just that the damn thing takes literally 10 minutes to start up - gets stuck at 98% loading for about 7, then finally just pops into the main menu, then another 3 minutes in the first loading screen to get into...
  8. Riley

    Conspiracy Theories

    Just like a toon.
  9. Riley

    Conspiracy Theories

    Hmm, a counter-conspiracy, I see.
  10. Riley

    Conspiracy Theories

    I think my favourite has to be chemtrails. For those lucky enough to not have been exposed to this idiocy, there are people out there who think that the condensation trails ('contrails,' as they are known to sane people) from airplanes are actually poison gasses from chemical sprayers mounted...
  11. Riley

    Your Best Weapon

    Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament 2004. The best version of the gun, to me. The UT99 version was stronger, but the firing arc on the alt fire grenade was a little too low, and the UT3 version's spread was comically large.
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    Avatar profiles; left or right?

    Um, left...ish? Maybe? I don't pay attention to the things I draw.
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    What's been the hardest thing about being a furry?

    Trying to care about it beyond "oh hey animal people are neat." I've tried getting angry about extreme views in the media, feeling guilty about liking a thing, and pretending that I'm part of some underground thing that's super secret or whatever. I just can't. I can't invest that much energy...
  14. Riley

    What's so amazing about Homestuck?

    Just read Problem Sleuth if you absolutely want to read an MS Paint Adventure story. It's about a tenth of the length and ten times more interesting. Homestuck turns into an absolute clusterfuck of everything uninteresting any one person could possibly shove into any medium of entertainment...
  15. Riley

    What word of advice if given the chance would you want to be remembered forever?

    "Guys, seriously, just chill out for a second."