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  1. Rin

    I just had a crazy realization

    The internet isnt self aware yet, but the singularity is only so far away. As for the earth being an organism, in what way does it not fit the definition of alive? Its a self contained self susstaining biosphere that changes according to its enviorment. its pretty alive in my oppinion.
  2. Rin

    Why do non-furries almost always associate furries with erotic content?

    i mean, it is part of the community, and once people see that they cant see or accept the posative aspects of the community. People fear what they do not understand.
  3. Rin

    Any preppers?

    im prepping in the sense that im teaching myslef skills that will be useful if shit hits the fan. My dads a carpenter of 30 years, so i actually know how to build things with my hands that are useful, i have knowledge of edible plants and i know how to farm the dirt as well as raise animals for...
  4. Rin

    What is your best/worst experience with the police?

    i hate the cops. Nothing against any of them personally really, but whenever i see a cop roll past me it scares me, even though im not doing anything wrong. When you see a cop you should feel safe if your not doing anything wrong, but you dont a lot of the time casue the cops can be dicks.
  5. Rin

    What is the hottest place you have visited? ( Temperature)

    death valley. Never again. It was hot and windy, how does that happen?
  6. Rin

    Reboot/remake wishlist: What do you want resurrected?

    i want spice and wolf to be bbrought back to life. season three has been TBA for the better part of a decade.
  7. Rin

    welcome to earth. please dont kill us all.

    welcome to earth. please dont kill us all.
  8. Rin

    Looking for Partners :3

    i'll RP with you anywhere anytime :3 contact info in my sig! Hope i see a message from you, you should give me a call! i dont bite. very hard
  9. Rin

    Looking For Friends

    discordapp.com: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers it's a tiny file, shouldn't take more than a minute to download
  10. Rin

    Telling my parents

    my advice. Just dont. There is too much stigma about this community, and theres no point trying to make people understand it. If you really feel strongly about it, talk to your therapist first. Theres no way they will say its a problem if they're any good at their job, and they cant tell anyone...
  11. Rin

    Looking For Friends

    skype@ holoofyoistu1 discord@ V33no i will be your friend... because i dont have any.
  12. Rin

    If i can't be who I really am in real life, then im going to be the real me here.

    If i can't be who I really am in real life, then im going to be the real me here.