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    Admin Control Panel

    Ebony Leopard's dA page was hit too, for that matter. aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA
  2. Ringus

    Admin Control Panel

    That implies they were a member to begin with.
  3. Ringus

    Admin Control Panel

    >exsist >prohibbits
  4. Ringus

    Site Suggestion: Auto-breaks

    but wouldn't a space just work? Or does it only give the option of <br/>?
  5. Ringus

    Site Suggestion: Auto-breaks

    As Chicago-lollie pointed out, this site needs auto-breaks, excluding URLs. By implementing this, stretch posts could no longer be created, which are my biggest pet peeve with this site. The Autobreak should occur after 50 characters without spaces, in order to prevent stretch posts on shouts...
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    Site Emoticons

    On the topic of emoticons, I'd like to point this point this out what da heck
  7. Ringus

    Comments...such hostility