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    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    As much as the horror aspects of Dead Space were obviously very well constructed, I didn't find the game frightening. Jump-out enemies seem to be a big tactic to try and scare people who aren't freaked out enough by the concept of being stuck on a spaceship with necromorphs, and they generally...
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    Lack Of Sleep

    I do it once every week, and then can't get back into a proper sleeping cycle. I used to have insomnia, where I'd stay up for days at a time. I honestly preferred that to what is happening now.
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    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    I don't often experience any of the "Suspension of Disbelief" business that horror games rely on, though, to be fair. The only example I can ever think of of being fully immersed in a videogame was when I spent several days experiencing some really rough insomnia, and then played World of...
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    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    Keep in mind that that was my personal descriptor for my experience with the game, and I'm not attempting to impose my opinion onto you in any way whatsoever. That sounds like a pretty crappy shock gameplay mechanism, as well, and would be more likely to make me go "Haha, it thinks it's scary"...
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    The Closest To a Real Dinosaur You'll See!

    Seeing those white tight-clad legs sticking out of those dinosaurs asses was the most disappointing thing that's happened to me for a long time now. They could have at least used those non-shiny black things that the "props" in stage productions use.
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    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    Silent Hill was and is absolutely limp-dick. I like the series for it's storytelling, creature design and puzzle aspects, but no aspect of the game frightens me in the least. Zombies never have and never will scare me.
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    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    The latest L.U.R.K. was a pile of crap, and made the game borderline unplayable. I get that they were trying to focus on survival, which was originally the main focus of the game, but upping the realism to the degree that the L.U.R.K. mod is attempting to do just won't work unless the game...
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    Valve's putting up a new game on Monday. It's free.

    Heh, exactly what I thought. The original mod was 80% placing turrets/AI teammates, 20% standing in one place and spraying into a hall with the chaingun. No fun at all. This one looks like a vast improvement to the mod, but still doesn't look very appealing.
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    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    Grab the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete 2009 mod from [here] if you ever start it again. It tweaks the game to make everything a helluvalot better.(And you can also get an optional add-on that makes your weapons fire more realistically, as in, YOU CAN FINALLY ACTUALLY HIT THE STUFF YOU'RE AIMING AT)
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    Stop the gay ads...

    Which anyone who payed attention when getting the app should know how to do. derp.jpeg Block ox.furaffinity specifically = kill ads forever. seriously I figured it out in like 5 seconds
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    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    I can't actually ever remember having been scared by a horror game, aside from small, cheap things like jump-out enemies and stuff like that. All the games that I've played that were advertised as super freaky psychological thrillers have turned out all limp-dick and disappointing, especially...
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    Suggestive banner this month >:[

    The banner bugs me, too. It's less about the fact that it has innuendo, though, and more about the fact that, in comparison to the artist's other work, it looks like a quick scribble that they tossed out in a few minutes, and was probably only selected as the banner because of the innuendo/fact...
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    Stop the gay ads...

    Adblock Plus/Remove It Permanently plug-ins for firefox. (Unless mentioning ways to get around the ads is FA-illegal ~ then I totally didn't mention that just then) I generally agree that there should be a setting to opt out of porn adverts, though. Just because I have adult work enabled...
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    How many of you are virgins?

    Everything starting with "I'm a male" is applicable. I actually logged in to make a poll for this, but it was just going to say "INTERCOURSE? YES/NO" Hard to tell what the ratio is when people are ticking either one or multiple boxes.
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    Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-

    Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.4GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Hard Drive: 499 GB Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5870...