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    Moving Commissions Sale (20% OFF)

    Commission for Ryong!
  2. Robin-Residue

    Looking for icons

    Hi, there! If you're still looking for an artist, I have attached my commission prices and examples. From now until April 9th, all of my commissions are 20% off. I hope I can be of some assistance!
  3. Robin-Residue

    Moving Commissions Sale (20% OFF)

    I'm really trying hard to get out of Dodge right now for a variety of reasons. Mostly for the sake of opportunities, starting my career after school, and trying to reunite with my partner of three years. I need some dough to break my current lease and pay for a rental car though, so I'm opening...
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    Animated GIFs Commission SALE

  5. Robin-Residue

    Humans ($5- $35)

    Hi! I'd love to help you out with some human drawings~ My commission information is attached below
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    NSFW Spa Commission (CLOSED THANKS)

    Hi! I would love to help you with your (rather humorous!) commission~ My information is attached below and I have some links to some NSFW examples~
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    Commissioning illustrations for a table-top RPG

    Hello! I would be thrilled to help you out with your project and have attached my commission information below. Most of my digital works aren't so much on the realistic side, as I tend to do realism with traditional medium, so I've attached a few of my traditional examples as well. I, of course...
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    Hey there! I'd love to help you with the drawing of your character. My commission info is attached below~
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    Animated GIFs Commission SALE

    TAKING FULLY-SHADED, TRANSPARENT, ANIMATED COMMISSIONS!!! One for ~$20 Two for ~$30 (Prices may vary and are negotiable!) Only minor details to be animated (Glowing effects, blinking, ear twitching, winking etc. Message me if you have questions) Icons available! Pixel art available! See my...
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    Ref Sheet?

    This sounds like a super fun project and I would love to help you with your ram character.
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    Telegram Stickers

    Hi! What kind of telegram sticker designs are you looking for? I'd be more than willing to help if you provide more details!
  12. Robin-Residue

    Dragon redesign

    I would absolutely love to help you with this redesign. I love dragons, and they happen to be my specialty. If you'd like more examples of my dragon work, feel free to shoot me a message!
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    Looking for a MLP themed picture.

    Hello! I would love to help you out with this project! I believe you'll find that I'm quite capable of handling highly-rendered shading and lighting.