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    Is Alpha and Omega deleted scene good?

    I care to hear your opinion, is this deleted scene from Alpha and Omega very good/charming OR Am I just fanboying too much?
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    What was your furry awakening?

    At first, I was only a brony for last couple of years (even tho it’s an separate fandom, I still consider that regarding MLP as an “furry” thing is fair), dived into furries just a few mouths ago, and so far this fandom been promising too, and also discovered that my interest is not limited to...
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    Furry dakimakura design suggestions

    Thanks, I will have both with covered bangs and without for both sides
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    Furry dakimakura design suggestions

    I’ve been planning to get an dakimakura of an feral wolf Lilly from Alpha & Omega (Yes, that movie got me, made me wanna join the fandom) I would even go to an convention with it. Do you have any ides how I can improve it with different design and maybe add a few accessories? (Please no NSFW...