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    Thank you! c:

    Thank you! c:
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    Have you ever eaten a military ration or an MRE?

    I've had my fair share! Haven't had one in years, but I remember being younger and finding them to be very charming. Not particularly gourmet, but it's fun if you're a civilian looking for a little activity. Also interesting pieces of military history if you're into collecting the older ones. I...
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    Vent Thread

    Was more of an internal dialogue situation. One where I compared myself to someone else unnecessarily. I tend to do that a lot. Tsk tsk on me. No poofaces here luckily!
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    Vent Thread

    Took a BIG ego blow today. Feeling the most self-conscious I have in a looooong time.
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    What are you proud of right now?

    Popping in to say I'm proud of all of you! Every goal, no matter how big or small, is something to celebrate! Sometimes we may feel a bit of sorrow or anger along with these feelings of joy, and that's ok. But ultimately it makes me happy to see everyone chiming in with their bits of positivity. <3
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    Disability Pride Month

    Perhaps this is just me, but I have always personally viewed these months as a time to educate myself. I'm not a fan of shallow corporate shilling and such. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with saying 'hey let's take some time to reflect on xyz.' I will say that I wish to some...
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    a question about depression in general

    Speaking from personal experience, depression is a lot of work. A lot. It sucks. But something my long-time therapist, psychiatrists, and psychology professors have all told me is that it is important to try to view it as a 'physical ailment.' For example, those with diabetes require attention...
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    Vent Thread

    How can one person bring your mood down so much? What the heck??? :)
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    What are you proud of right now?

    As per the title, what's something you're particularly proud of right now? Perhaps you've reached a big milestone in your life. Maybe you've just acquired a new possession that you're proud of and want to show off. For example, I start a new job today! I've been out of work for way too long and...
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    Multiple Sclerosis Thread

    Perhaps tangential, but my mother has pretty severe myasthenia gravis and gets her IV therapy treatment alongside lots of other patients with MS. She's made quite a few good friends there. I also go to that center (for different reasons) and have met many of the fine folks there. One gentleman...
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    Skunk Every Day: General Skunk Posting Thread

    Simo, every time I see a skunk I think of you. I am but a stranger behind a computer but know that your skunkiness brings a unique joy to the forums that no one else is capable of. May you see many fluffy stinkybois in your future. Thank you for bestowing your presence upon us. <3
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    Unpopular Opinions 3.0!

    All the reasons you think doughnuts are overrated are why I love doughnuts. Give me that fat and sugar. >:)
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    Best video game music?

    The music in FFXIV never fails to make me smile. You get some really great music and then also ridiculous stuff like this:
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    Which one of my OC's are you? :D

    Wholesome <3 I did wanna find out though :x