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    Project M

    I am a huge PM nut, i play Ness and Mewtwo! I'm also all over PM netplay and frequent the IRC with the tag Unregistered HyperCam2 (UH2). I'd be very up to playing you or anyone whenever! The best way to contact me is on Skype (Munchlax1995). Happy Smashing!
  2. RoqsWolf

    Persona 4 Arena

    Oh gosh I really can't wait for the game. It's really great to see that it's being made by the same people who made Blazblue and Guilty gear; i know it's going to be great. I got into Blazblue and Persona this summer, I practically creamed myself when I saw this~
  3. RoqsWolf

    Sexual Orientation Fluidity in Monogamous Relationships

    I guess I acclaim my reaction to the expectation that one must must be set in stone about there sexuality, that and the fact that I feared that that whole sexual spectrum would shift more towards women in the future.
  4. RoqsWolf

    Sexual Orientation Fluidity in Monogamous Relationships

    Being in a relationship for a good year, I've learned a lot of things about myself and how I react towards certain things. I found my homosexuality really slowly and comfortably, calling myself bisexual at first (Nobody wants to think of themselves as a "faggot" right off the bat). As time...
  5. RoqsWolf

    Any furries that you'd like to beat senseless?

    Any of those faggots that have a Sonic recolor as their fursona. Orca furries, yep
  6. RoqsWolf

    That CSI episode?

    Great Episode!
  7. RoqsWolf

    Did you get a N3DS?

    Got mine on launch with Street Fighter. I love Streetpass a ton. It's cool to pass by random people that have it, I've found like 10 people in my school alone. The only thing that bugs me is the aspect ratio compared to the DS. I don't like that stretched, pixelated view on my old DS games.
  8. RoqsWolf

    3DS Flash Cards

    I'm hoping for a hacked Channel / Application thats able to run all of my homebrew. I have a strong feeling though all where gonna get is more DS Flashcarts that just run DS titles in that horrendous stretched 3DS view.
  9. RoqsWolf

    Guys fursuiting as girl furries

    >At a furry con >straight
  10. RoqsWolf

    Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland Park

    You can dress up?Sweet!If there's something like this down here in Disney world Orlando,I'd be happy to go.
  11. RoqsWolf

    This "Vulva" meme

    That was freakishly accurate.Kudos
  12. RoqsWolf

    You wanna know how to stop furry drama?

    They usually get pissed and start directing shit toward me if say grow up or something like that.I just reply LAWLKAY.
  13. RoqsWolf

    This "Vulva" meme

    Links dead.Ah,I wanted to point and laugh at the deformities!
  14. RoqsWolf

    Are the scalies warm-blooded or cold-blooded?

    Cold blooded....Scalies are cold blooded monsters!
  15. RoqsWolf


    Welcome on in! Long hair is indeed amazing