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    Resin mask keeps sliding down.. Help!

    Yeah, I'm really going to need to tutorial, I'm a very very new maker and I'm kinda lost on everything.. ^^'
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    Resin mask keeps sliding down.. Help!

    Thank you. I'll try that.
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    Resin mask keeps sliding down.. Help!

    I have an unhinged resin mask that's already furred. It's attatched to a hat and has an extra strap that goes around my head, too. When I open my mouth, the whole thing slides down. I don't think it's because of padding or anything because it fits very well until I open my mouth. Did I fur it...
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    other than drawing/fursuits what mediums do you do your anthro art?

    I show my anthro art in plushies.. Comparing this to people with their comics and flesh eating beetles, This is pretty boring.. XD
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    How did you come up with your furry name?

    I basically went "I'M 14 AND I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW I'M A GIRL" Then I misspelled RoseMary.
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    Eye lashes.

    With the auto-immune disease you're talking about, they don't have eyelashes. I know a guy with that thing..
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    are there any straight edge furs on this site?

    Incredibly straight edge. Never drank, smoked, sexed.. All by choice. :) Not an indulgent fur..
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    How many interested in the fandom own a suit?

    I have multiple suits.. ^^' It's the only part of the fandom I actually like..
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    Fursona species there should be more of, less of and none of in your opinion

    We need more REALISTIC stuff, I think. Like, every time I see a toony canine I die a little.. Realistic snakes need to appear more. More birds too. And.. guinea pigs. Only ever seen one guinea suit and that was my own.
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    Making Bubastis, How do I make a lynx? (Red line help, too?)

    I have almost nothing done.. I'm using a toony resin mask, but I want it to be at least semi realistic... I have never made a lynx or let alone a feline! :-0 I'm trying to make the Lynx from Watchmen (The comic, not the movie) And I hit a wall... These are The WIP shots... Any suggestions? (Can...
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    How long does it take you to make a fursuit head?

    It takes me about two days tops if I use resin, but four or five if I make it plushie or out of foam.. Mine are okay, nothing spectacular. I work maybe 8 hours a day..
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    Is there anyone who would buy a resin MOLD?

    http://t.facdn.net/9782599@400-1359239517.jpg I recently bought this from someone, have only pulled a single mask from it. Sadly, I am at a financial cross. I am unsure if I should sell this mold and mothermold.. I have redone that mask many times. With a little padding, it has been a cat, a...
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    Halts Head Furring Done (well close to it)

    Trim it a bit more, It's a very shaggy dog. ^^ Also: You don't look like you have much of a neck.. Is that just the picture? (The eyes are adorable, though. Nice freaking job, I'm jealous. :) )
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    Looking for a fursuit maker who can make a realistic partial?

    I would recommend quarrezel! Her work is breathtaking. http://qarrezel.deviantart.com/
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    Caught in Act, nothing new of cource (stupid Title...)

    Apparently, one year at AC there was a steel mill worker's convention that a friend of mine attended.. They, shockingly, seemed to have the same idea about the place. Id 60 year old tough old steel worker men can smile when a six foot tall beaver sits next to them in the lobby, I don't see why...