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    Osaka, Japan

    Shame, I'll be getting back to Japan in March. Oh well. Enjoy your stay there.
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    This is becoming embarrassing, furs need to start standing up again.

    I'm not defending either one but I would like to point out that the former is actually a real language.
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    This is becoming embarrassing, furs need to start standing up again.

    Couldn't have said it any better. We live in a society where everyone is entitled to do their own thing within the limits of the law. No where is there a guarentee that you will be socially accepted no matter what you do. If you choose a hobby or interest that is viewed by the general public as...
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    I am learning how to draw furries any recommendations on books I should study from

    I'd suggest just learning how to draw in general rather than attemping to learn to draw one specific thing simply because if you can draw one thing well and know how and why you did it you can pretty much draw anything. Take some real drawing classes that start from the ground up and deal with...
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    Troy Hurtubise's Armored Suit

    No thanks. Really the best way will always be to KISS (keep it simple stupid). The more moving parts and external resources you have to rely on the higher a chance somthing will go wrong. The only common complaints you'll see about our current flaks are that they are a little too small for the...
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    web hosting

    pay the money and get a real host. i highly reccommend dreamhost.org. cheap, great plans, lots of space, great admin panel, easy to use.
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    What's your favorite game of all?

    Old school Ultima Online without a doubt. The most open ended, do-what-you-want MMO ever created, best community, really it had it all.
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    PC or Mac??

    I prefer the PC for the obvious gaming reasons. I've always wanted a Mac for general internet browsing, media applications but haven't had the money.
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    What kind of planes do you like?

    LOVE WW2 fighters. Bf-109's specifcally. Modern times I like UH-60s,CH-47s, CH-53s, C-130s, AH-1s, I HATE HATE HATE CH-46s. Dread every time I have to get in one actually. lol
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    The Big Questions (Religion, Ideology, etc) Thread.

    I'm a farily conservative minded christan baptist. I've never been one to lump myself into a political party but I've voted for more republicans than democrats. I've got no idea what the rest of the poll is about.
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    The iPhone

    Phone looks awsome, not to thrilled about it being exclusive to singular never liked them to much. If I can get a good deal on a contract I'll probably get a 4gig.
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    Military...^_^s and 'o's?

    :shock: Well since you're somewhat interested in joining I guess I'll try to help you throw away some of those crazy ideas (no idea where you came up with some of them). Army: If you consider them boyscouts with guns you might as well consider every branch the same way. The upside to the...
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    Anyone looking forward to Windows Vista

    I'm looking forward to it, personally love the new look. I've got a linux computer for my programming and application needs. But for my gaming machine I have great hopes for Vista.
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    Military...^_^s and 'o's?

    I'm a Coporal in the Marine Corps, been enlisted for about 3 years now. Been just about everywhere I've wanted to go and enjoyed it very much. I'm really not too interested in the politics behind what we're doing and why, I trust in our government enough and it's not my job to questions it...