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    just a final vent about family and f----in sick of conspiracy theories

    well trump is gone finally. and democrats have total control of the govt finally thanks to the fact we won fare and square. Niot the leftist utopia i was hoping for but some progress is being made. I will says this if fucking sick to shit of conspiracy theories... my right wing family live...
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    Considering Moving to a Small Town

    Ive been livign in small towns all muy life out of necessity mostly. Except for a few times in my childhood i lived in a city or suburban sprawl. If u move to a small town, expect not a welcomign environment. they are not very keen on weird lifestlyes or outsidwers who have different...
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    The Dionysus Club - Discord Server

    for a second i was wondering if this was a furry cult of Dionysus XD
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    How many trans furries are on the forum

    I im not trans but I happen to know of at least 2 non-binary people who are acquaintances of mine. Dont know any ftm's or mtf's yet though... I think there is a whole lot more trans and NB people in the fandom than there was before! I remember the first time i started using the FA fourms in...
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    Are their any interesting thing's about the fandom beginners wouldn't really know about?

    Well..... its a very big community but it has small origins. Originally started in the late 70s as a fan circle of people who traded ion comic books and cartoon bootleg tapes and reels. I knew of a number of them who also worked as mascots in theme parks, disneyland, and other places where...
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    Important article on the wake of mass shootings

    www.yahoo.com: School shooting survivors united by a chain of grief — and hard lessons passed on I wish I had a better way of sharing this article than Yahoo News. But its a very telling read to all those out there who have come to just ignore these terrible events. This does not occur in other...
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    Ideas to help disabled bird

    Just give her a lot of compassionate care, maybe lay down towels in the cage instead of bars and paper. Change towels regularly keep food at floor level and easy reaching distance. If the injury is new I would advise to look into treatments to keep it clean and bandaged till it heals. After...
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    Administrator notice: Fur Affinity is temporarily suspending new submission uploads for 5-10 minutes

    You could argue cub and zoo art but to say to crack down on diaper art?? Theres nothing wrong with diaper art other than you just think its gross! I totally support messy art and no fur is going to tell me i should be kicked out for doing messy furry art because it grosses them out!
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    Fursuit Livejournal now owned by Russia and users subject to Russian law

    OK. But do you know of whether or not the site is being abandoned due to the "comply with russuian law" that bans political statements and what could be constituted as 'gay propaganda'? I mean under that rule they could determine anything furry to be queer and to ban the whole group outright...
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    Fursuit Livejournal now owned by Russia and users subject to Russian law

    I cant find any info in the topic search on FA about this so I am asking people here for help. I cant find out if anyone has spoken about this yet. I have recently revived my membership at Fursuit Livejournal ready to start learning to construct fursuits. But when I logged in I discovered...
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    I have to personally rant about medical costs today....

    I recently had a projectile strike me in the socket of my right eye that has left me with a lot of emergency room visits and a surgery. 2 separate ER visits in fact as I was transfered from one hospital to another for treatment that night. I am now suffering a real decline in my vision and...
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    Why do you think furries are predominantly male?

    I am 100% certain that there are equal the ammount of female furries out there. Its just that the predominat culture on sexuality that makes womens roles one of maternity, celibacy, and demure beauty pretty much shames girls into hiding or erasing their furry fandom interests. If its not men...
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    Death Threats???

    Maybe they might not be coming? Are we so involved in ourselves that we cannot trust anyone anymore? Are we so afraid? Should I be afraid any moment I step out the door? I have been afraid of anti-gay violence before. But I dont want to live like that. I dont want to live planning for...
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    Advice for fellow Bernie supporters here in USA

    This is jsut something I have to say. As Clonton has lead the way in the delagates and will likely be chosen as the party nominee by the corrupt process of the democratic party, people like me have been very distraught at how this is going. I have heard a great deal of people in my city which...
  15. rufe-squirrel

    Death Threats???

    Thats a terrible response there.... :s Prepare for violence at any second? Its not reassuring in the least it would actually make one more afraid to be thinking at any moment some internet bullshit will manifest in a real life assault on your life. :(