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    I use my Pigma Sakura Micron pens, and they work quite well. I'd say use a bigger point for the outline And a little bit smaller point for the other things and then smaller for the details. That's how I do it anyway
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    Furegon Studios, good idea?

    I would myself, but I see two problems with it. 1. I'm too young to work D: 2. I don't have a fursuit for Ryu D: Both of which insanely suck.
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    PSP or DS?

    DS X3 I'm a NintenManiac. So that should clear TONS of things up.
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    The Cartoons you know and love...

    Having both of those would seriously be the best.
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    Pokemon: I am giving away Level 100's(non-hacked) as well as Darkrai

    RE: I am giving away Level 100's(non-hacked) as well as Darkrai Bill Cosby: Whaddya like to play? Kid: Pokemon! Bill Cosby: Pokemon!?!? No seriously, I don't have that game, I don't really want it either, and next time you should PROBABLY post in your post the game name. Otherwise people...
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    Just a little VS thought...

    I just saw this topic in the Gaming section about Samus vs Master Chief...well, and I clicked on my desktop, and got to thinking... What if Ruroni Kenshin and Ichigo faced off? Who do you think would win? I don't know much about Bleach, but I do know a lot about Kenshin, my best friend...
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    Master Chief Vs. Samus.

    Are you serious? THEY'D BOTH LOSE End of story. The only winner here, would be... Sonic the Hedgehog! OH YEAH!
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    Helmets for anthros

    I say go with the personalized helmets, that way you can tell the furries apart easier. But hey, that's just me.
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    have you or do you?

    I'm so bored I'm going to list all the cartoons I like now. If you don't want your eyes to start bleeding from this list. I suggest you leave now. Unless you like that type of thing...emo...Nah just kiddin. The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Underground SaTaM *Saturday Morning Sonic...
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    Fine. I guess it'll count. I never really played it all that much. Although I do prefer the 2nd one. I swear, that music STILL gets to me. It touches me *So sometimes I have to wear many articles of clothing to prevent that, XD* But honestly, I think my favorite game series would be Sonic the...
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    Odd gamers you met online

    Usually just the little kids I hear saying something funny on Halo 2... Pretty much it *nods*
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    Hello everybody, Now, if you've never played this game, or heard of it, please just don't bother reading this topic. It is meaningless to you, and honestly, you don't know good videogaming. Now, for those who HAVE played it, or at least WATCHED somebody play it, then you may join the...
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    XBox 360 Live gamers

    Well, it's my brother's account, but I only play Halo 2, and it can't be ranked...but I think I'm pretty damn good. Btw, before I give you the name. I'm usually the black spartan, with the dark blue Runes symbol. Hatemobster If you've faced the black spartan, chances are, it was a good...
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    Alvin and the Chipmunks

    *gasps* NO WAI! I LOVE ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS! I have an alarm clock, and a few plushies of them! I remember when my mom bought a christmas cd of them! And I also remember, when I was a kid. I'd watch the show all the time in the mornin! IT WAS FREAKIN SWEET! AND STILL IS! I MUST SEE IT!
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    Tabula Rosa, Left-brained Going Artist

    How I started out is drawing a Sonic character *knuckles* and kept on drawing him, but each time I'd change him a bit. Soon, it became my own character. But later on I basically deleted him from all existence, and made another one. Ryu.