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    Free art, get it while it's "Hot".

    Hi, Please feel free to pitch in a character and I will then see them all and pick 2 freebies. If you don't have a character just pitch a paragraph about the character and if I like it and pick it I will create the character for you, free. Will offer 2 free art works with the quality as shown...
  2. S.D.O.S.

    Hiring: Planning to hire in the future: large SFW images for 2 sides of a dakimakura cover

    Advice to the op, pick or request a not so much shaded image because the resolution in the print will lose a lot of quality since it's 4,251 x 1,417 res you will be looking for, bigger with a lot of shading might turn ugly when print time comes... so less shading will look much better, simple...
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    Should dragons be teased and tickled more?

    «««-------------- "You don't want to tease nor tickle me, thats for sure."
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    Headshots/Busts | OPEN

    Update: I've picked the users Zerohi and Amynhotep, already done the pieces and send them via pm. I will probably pick another one, since I have some free time in the next couple of days. So will look at all other users submitions, if I do 1 more I will pick it tomorrow so any new users I'll...
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    Headshots/Busts | OPEN

    Art for free, going for 2 slots only of free art as a thanks I guess to a very good year of payed art work on this forum. It will be my take on your characters. I will only pick what art to do Friday so feel free to submit what ever you want. Samples of what you can get:
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    Do you hate to see some non-furry art on furaffinity?

    I hate dragons, specially in avatars, it's just the worst.
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    Not able to enjoy art because of envy

    I think you're in a battle with yourself on this one. You are thinking to much about your own art when seeing other peoples art... don't compare. There's a reason why you're doing that tho, get that reason sorted and you'll start enjoying checking art of high level without being so hard on...
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    Photo recreation 100-500

    That would be a cool project.
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    Your PC

    My home setup is a combo I guess since I need portability and also a powerful desktop so I play around with a Razer Blade Stealth ultrabook, 12.5" 2560x1440 CPU: i7 2.5 GHz RAM: 8 GB. Desktop case is hidden bellow the table since I don't like wires showing etc I do enjoy my Corsair Strafe RGB...
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    Wyvern comparison sheet

    Hello, Some samples, for that price I can also give you a free project in the future, kind of pay for 1 and get 2 projects.
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    Hello! What's up? :)

    Hello! What's up? :)
  12. S.D.O.S.

    [CLOSED] Semi-Realistic Bust Portrait(s); Human Character - $100 +/-

    Hi, Sample of a Tyrion Lannister portrait:
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    Looking for dragon artist (SFW)

    Hi, I love me some dragons... we can work together, send me a msg if interested.
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    Seeking artist for feral Tibetan fox

    Hi, Check my website for more samples.
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    Commission (Selling)

    Hi, During October I will be available for commissions, price range 50 to 100 USD, any kind/creature/style and type. If interested just contact me via prvt msg, thank you. Sample of a commission: