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    How about a simple button/link on submission pages for "Report this Submission" for things that violate the AUP / TOS?
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    Howdy! Welcome to FA! -Sabrina
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    So... what did you get for Christmas?

    "I got a rock." -- Charlie Brown, Halloween
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    Merry Christmas <3?

    ::Sabrina waves:: Howdy, Welcome to FA!
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    Favorite "bad"/guilty pleasure movie?

    Oh gods, there's so many I could name.. just a couple off the top of my head -- Popeye (watched it last night) Hudson Hawk -Sabrina
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    Holy Christmas! Another furry!

    Howdy! Welcome to FA! :) -Sabrina
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    I am Legend

    _I am Legend_ was originally a novel by Richard Matheson. It was first produced as a movie starring Vincent Price called "The Last Man on Earth." In the 70's, it was remade with Charlton Heston as "The Omega Man." Basically, a virus that causes a form of vampirism infects the world and the...
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    Sune Snow Leopard :3

    Hey there! Welcome! *bearhugs* -Sabrina
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    Good TV shows that should have lasted

    [edit: Accidental double - post.. deleted]
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    Good TV shows that should have lasted

    Futurama's been mentioned previously.. plus, it had 4 good seasons.. and the new Direct-To-Vid movie "Bender's Big Score" just came out.. So, like Family Guy before it.. it's sort-of coming back.. But yes, Futurama should've lasted as long as the Simpsons. -Sabrina
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    I'm not new... I'm fresh.

    Well, the title -does- say they're "Fresh." Fresh, indeed! XD Welcome to FA, OmenNeko! -Sabrina
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    What Consoles do You Own?

    Still Own: Atari 2600 Colecovision Intellivision NES x3 SNES GameCube Sega Genesis Sega CD Sega Saturn Dreamcast PS1 modded PS2 Xbox modded with 30gb HD GBA SP (1st Gen SP) Used to own: Atari 7800 Atari 5200 Sega Master System Game Boy (1st Gen Grey Brick) Game Boy (the...
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    Advice: When is a man too snuggaly/femmine

    It's variable and situational. Are you being poofy and snuggly at a Furry Convention? That's okay. Are you being poofy and snuggly at Grandma Tilly's Funeral? Umm.. maybe not such a good idea. -Sabrina
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    Manga into Live Action

    Ghost in the shell could work.. at least the First movie.. Maybe SAC. (Haven't seen enough SAC to make an educated answer). As for other animes that might make good Live Action -- How about Read or Die (OVA), Witch Hunter Robin, and/or Speed Grapher? (And maybe even Hellsing?) I'd...
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    The Golden Compass

    I want to see it for the Steampunk aspects.. The previews looked gorgeous. -Sabrina