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  1. Sabstar

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Commissions ($15-$60)

    Hi there! I'm open for commissions! I'm taking 3 slots at a time currently. Turnaround time is usually a few days depending on the slots I have free, but I will let you know if it's going to be longer or if there are any delays during the process. Do's SFW/NSFW Any gender Anthro/Feral...
  2. Sabstar

    Free Art: Offering 1 Full Colour Request

    As the title says. I’m really wanting to do some commissions eventually, but I haven’t been around on FA in such a long time that It’s hard gaining any traction! As a way to hopefully bring some more people to my page and get some commissioned work, I’m wanting to offer one Full Colour request...
  3. Sabstar

    Free Art: Offering a Free Icon!

    Here you go! She was really fun to draw. :)
  4. Sabstar

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheet Commissions ($70+) SFW/NSFW

    Bump ✨ Here’s a new example too!
  5. Sabstar

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Strawberry Saber Auction (SB $20)

    I've currently got this Strawberry Saber girl up for auction on my page! BIDS & RULES/TOS HERE! www.furaffinity.net: Strawberry Saber Adoptable Auction by Sabstar
  6. Sabstar

    Free Art: Offering a Free Icon!

    Here you go! c:
  7. Sabstar

    Free Art: Offering a Free Icon!

    Here you go RyuokoTimberfang, I drew Shira for you cos she looks cool and I've never drawn a Meerkat before. I hope I did okay! Imma' do a couple more of these.
  8. Sabstar

    Free Art: Offering a Free Icon!

    Hey!! I’m trying to get my FA page a little more active as I’ve come back after a long break away. It’d be nice to refresh my gallery and gain some interest, so I’m offering a free icon out for fun! I may do a couple of these if I have the free time. These will be 700x700 full colour plus a...
  9. Sabstar

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheet Commissions ($70+) SFW/NSFW

    Hi there! I'm currently open for Reference Sheet Commissions. I'm a tattoo artist by trade and usually have my hands full with that, but due to the lockdown I'm looking to take on some commissions in my spare time! Do's SFW/NSFW Any gender Anthro/Feral Digitigrade/Plantigrade Chibi Style...
  10. Sabstar

    Hiring: Updated ref sheet for character 50-100

    Hey there! I’d be able to offer similar to below with an extra naked view for $80 total. Flat colour so it’s readable. I’ll provide the sheet textless or I can add it on your behalf. Best of luck on your ref hunt! c:
  11. Sabstar

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Animal Crossing Character Cards $20

    Hey all! It's been a long time since I did any work here as I'm a Tattoo Artist by career - but I'd love to take on some themed commissions while I've got all this lockdown time. It's the first time I've been free in years! I'm offering AC character cards for $20. This'll be a limited time...