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    Why FA was down, but is up again now

    RE: Why FA is down I sincerely doubt that last bit, but then again I have high expectations.
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    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    How about this: Your pages have an XML version tag on the top, but fail to be valid XML. I think the problem lies in the tooltip code, as you've got unescaped angle brackets hanging out in the onmouseover/out attributes. Replacing them with < and > would make my life as someone writing...
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    .NET framework 3.0 ??

    It's not a replacement, just another option. GDI+ and Windows Forms are still there and they still work just fine. In fact, .NET 3.0 is really just .NET 2.0 + WinFX assemblies. The runtime version is still 2.0.30577 or whatever that last number is. WPF is hardware accelerated on Vista only...
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    Trouble Logging In/Password Problems

    RE: Password defaulted; why? I can't get in either. Using the reset password page I get this error: Please re-type your data... Information about your account could not be found... [Click here to continue...] Way... too... many... ellipses... Edit #2: Used the new reset form - password...