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    Live Streaming for FurAffinity

    I like this idea. I think my only issue is the way that it is advertised by the artists that do it. A journal entry mentioning the stream and announcing a schedule is one thing...but I am seeing alot of artists using an actual submission instead, using a thumbnaili that might give the artists...
  2. SageHendrix

    Califur 2010: Cabaret Fur Le Dance Casting Call

    Hello everyone! Its that time again! Yes....its booty shakin time! ...err...no wait....thats just me. Califur is just around the corner so its time to break out those costumes & props and join us once more for the Cabaret Fur Le Dance. Sure, this means you can be in the audience, or be...
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    Anti-Furry Trolling: How do you react?

    Why regard it as anything? Incidentally, YouTube comments are the bottom of the barrel. OMGdeaththreatsforchallengingsomeone'ssensibility!
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    Seeking Out A Member of Fandom

    Thanks to both of the people who referred me back to some stuff that comes up with google. Sadly those are dead ends as the picture of he IBM guy doesnt match. None of their timelines match either. HotActionYiffFur This seems a little... I don't know how to describe it really...
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    Seeking Out A Member of Fandom

    Thanks so much for moving it. I had no idea where it went. Figured it was too off topic to post in anything fandom-related.
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    Seeking Out A Member of Fandom

    While I know he may not have been an artist, let alone here on FA, I was hoping that someone might know this individual and how I might get in contact with them. Back in 2001/2002, I had a friendship with someone. He was someone very dear to me, despite anything we went through. His RL name...
  7. SageHendrix

    [@@@ ON HOLD @@@]: New Policy in Effect: Imageshack Behavior

    Oh. Well that I actually didnt know. Thanks for the heads up. i dont know why it appeared at the top of the thread subject list as if it had been recently answered. Usually dead horse threads get locked as well. Sorry for bringing up old shit. I suppose that would explain Uncia's response. Kat
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    [@@@ ON HOLD @@@]: New Policy in Effect: Imageshack Behavior

    Yeah, I didnt mean in my post before this at all. I just meant that it is more of a commonplace thing for these "photobucket" type images to grace the pages of FA and thus is perpetuating the problem to the point of it creating a "this is acceptable" idea in some furs heads. Im not going to...
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    [@@@ ON HOLD @@@]: New Policy in Effect: Imageshack Behavior

    I know this is a long going thread so maybe that is why this is happening, but the wiki entry that the OP linked to has no information. Regardless, I agree with this policy. Case in point As you can see by the first 2 comments (one being someone commenting and the other being this user's...
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    Gift Art Submission Variable

    It does sound like a great idea to me as well. I think that it would help make sure that people know a submission is not so much a submission but is an "art trade"/"gift art"/"Commission" that the account owner wants to share, regardless of if that account owner ever posts art of their own.
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    I have a suggestion for a hide option on submissions (I am not sure if someone has already suggested this -- the thread is 31 pages long). Basically think of a "storage chest" in each person's account. They can send a few, all, or even just a couple submissions into the "storage chest" where...
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    Submissions Can Be Deleted En Masse

    I figured as much, ARshes. I suppose if there was a way for there to be some sort of "deletion phrase" put in place, that might help. Yes, the hacker will obviously have hacked the password of the account they are inside. However the hacked user's "deletion code" might nt be so obvious if it...
  13. SageHendrix

    Submissions Can Be Deleted En Masse

    I would love to see a process that would allow you to select submissions you wish to delete, and then delete them all at once. I understand if the site has a specific reason that they may not want you to be able to delete your entire account, but a way of mass deleting submissions and journals...
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    Delete Unwanted Comments

    I would have to agree with this as well. I know that the mods get plenty busy as it is just dealing with accounts that need to be banned (for harassment, trolling, posting a slew of pictures that are not appropriate for FA, etc...) so I think that a feature to take care of...