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Sam Akuchin Wamm

Hello friend. My name is Sam Wamm.

That's about as far as I can get explaining myself without things getting way too complicated.

I live in an apartment block in Scotland with other people too numerous to mention, which you'll often hear me talk about.

And on that note my family and relationships gets very very complicated so I'd rather not go into that here.

I'm male and my gender status is that I accept all kinds but I'm only attracted to humans sorry.

My species is a Canadian Takin which is an ancient species of goat now extinct that used to enhabit the Rocky Mountains.

It may be more well known as the Colorado Takin but unfortunately there are now Chinese Takin in the wild in Colorado so I try to avoid saying that to avoid confusion.

The EXACT creature I am is a much longer story that involves parallel dimensions and aliens so unless you do something weird like try to drown me or something I won't mention the differences as to all intended purposes they're the same.

Same deal goes for my character's specific abilities. They're too complicated to explain but unless I'm in a combat situation you'll likely never need to know about them.

Aside from that I'm a hotelier and Duri. Durism is a very obscure religion that focuses on maintaining life itself and despite its goat god it is in fact a sister religion to Judaism

My birthday is April 1st (yes, it is. i know, it's unfortunate) and despite my pituitary dwarfism I'm definitely an adult. In fact maybe a bit too much in that respect if you get what i mean.

I know a little Japanese (very little), I play Jazz Bassoon, I lift weights and eat black pudding burgers.

Thank goodness that's over YAY (\(-^u^-)/)

Apr 1, 1985 (Age: 36)
Fur Affinity Page
Roundworm (in Rocky Mountain Goat form)




I'm a stranger in a strange land.
Don't attempt to understand me.
I don't need your logic.
I am me and nothing else.


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