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    People are serious stupid

    no, not agents. high ranking officials aren't actually undercover and actually have a social presence online where you can find and message them or their friends and family. obviously any messages you send to them or anyone they know goes through a filtration system first, but then the...
  2. Sam Wamm

    People are serious stupid

    I saw a person on the internet arguing with a person who's a high ranking official in the FBI. This random troll on the internet was explaining how Mexicans are violent thugs to this FBI officer of Mexican decent and throwing everything at them. This was back in November and this troll became a...
  3. Sam Wamm

    Job Resumes, and Interviews, whats the best possible advice you could give?

    Getting a job isn't about you being smart enough, it's about you being the same kind of stupid as your employer.
  4. Sam Wamm

    Furries on a plane!

    nono the incels can it
  5. Sam Wamm

    Having severe autism

    reality sucks. good for her.
  6. Sam Wamm

    One For The Herbivores

    just a thread for the herbivore furries to shout themselves out and discuss stuff. i always see a lot of carnivore species threads around here and i thought maybe they might want something for themselves.
  7. Sam Wamm

    League of legends furries: Arcane

    i tried to get into LL but i'm someone that likes to find loopholes and strategise and there was just too many variables so i played Overwatch instead.
  8. Sam Wamm

    Having severe autism

    i think Chris Chan has more going on than just simply Autism in there
  9. Sam Wamm

    Furries on a plane!

    well he was shot directly with a machine gun and survived somehow so i believe you
  10. Sam Wamm

    Thread of breads

    oh it turns out this guy "is" in fact German. now your post makes sense.
  11. Sam Wamm

    I Have No Species Problems -- At All

    and i didn't say anything at all
  12. Sam Wamm

    Post memes that you made here

    this is an edit of this meme by the way
  13. Sam Wamm

    Thread of breads

    your response makes me curious and just a little concerned
  14. Sam Wamm

    is it safe to make a thread asking about peoples view of the future

    asking people on the internet to behave is like that vid where they're in the car and the parent tells the kid to be normal