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  1. Sammacha

    Adorable Halloween Icons - $10

    If anyone is looking for an adorable icon for Halloween or even for thanksgiving then you may like to have one of these They are $10 and for a limited time only. They will be ready before October To order please go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14515816/ To order please go here...
  2. Sammacha

    $35/$50 Character reference sheet/NSFW art piece.

    Hi there, I would love to help you out with your dragon character! My starting prices are as follows, and raise depending on the amount of detail you wish to have in your image, as well as additional items, accessories and Backgrounds. All the details on my pricing can be found here...
  3. Sammacha

    Need 2 Avatar images ($10-20 each sound good?)

    Hi there I would love to help you out with an Icon/avatar and would have no problem putting them into a themed work, such as a silent film attire or an Op (considering that means what I think it means, as in an optical illusion BG) Also here is an example of an otter Fully gallery...
  4. Sammacha

    Reference sheet for female drow

    Hey do you have an example of your character? I've seen that image used to ask the same thing about 4 or 5 times now...
  5. Sammacha

    <$25 Icon Otter/Fox Fursona DESCRIPTION ONLY

    Hi there, I would love to help you with this and I have no problem working from a description or within your budget I do icons in all different styles from , sketched to toony to painted for $20 CAD Fully gallery: http://www.sammacha.com/gallery.html My price list...
  6. Sammacha

    (PG) Reference Sheet and Simple Art - Realism Preferred

    Hello, my ref sheets start at $45 however before I go any further, it may be easier for me and for others if you can describe bit about your character, is it very complex? Patterns colours etc. what kind of animal? describe what things your looking for on a ref sheet ( you said realistic and...
  7. Sammacha

    Commission request: Plushie drawing

    Hi there, I do Chibi's, Dolls and plush like drawings starting at $25CAD depending on how many details you want and if you doll has accessories there may be additional costs. (Yes, you can have the ones which have stitching instead of solid lines as well) Hard cell. soft cell and painted styles...
  8. Sammacha

    What artists do YCHs?

    I do them, i almost always have at least 1 running on this account, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/roxannefox/ they are both SFW and NSFW. I do regular commissions on my main account and I used to offer a "pick a pin up" which is essentially the same as "YCH". I think its makes the job easier...
  9. Sammacha

    Beach Bod pics/Icons $25, 2 for $45 - Slightly NSFW

    Hey guys, So i am currently doing these for summer fun! Currently I have 2 types but there may be a few more in a few days, depends on the interest I get. These are open to all genders and all species, each will be cell shaded with a beach background and be given a nice texture be it fur...
  10. Sammacha

    Seeking Character Reference Sheet

    Hi there,A basic Ref sheet for $45 gives you 3 options with Flat colours. 2 poses, front and back , 2 poses 1 nude 1 clothed or 1 anthro and 1 feral They all come with paw prints (hands/feet) and a colour guide/ref Additional views are $15 for nudes and $15 for the same pose with clothing, $20...
  11. Sammacha

    Commission (Hiring!): $30-40 for a Couple Piece!

    Hi there, I do digital sketches starting at $30 CAD for couples. From the ref sheet you posted in the forum I dont consider your characters to be very complicated ao the only reason the price would increase would be because you wish to add more details and a BG. (all options can be found on my...
  12. Sammacha

    Reference sheet for female drow

    Hi there, A ref sheet of that quality the price would be similar to my standard commissions So it depends on how many poses and extra's you would like A rough estimate for a painted style, 3 pose ref sheet full color image $35 x 1 base character + $5 detailed hair x 3 + $15 detailed...
  13. Sammacha

    Hebrew the Djinn needs art! (Icons, Reference Sheet)

    I do icons for $20 CAD in any style, from pencil sketches to digital painting. Fully gallery: http://www.sammacha.com/gallery.html My price list: http://www.sammacha.com/commissions/price-list.html ToS and Queue/wait list : http://www.sammacha.com/commissions.html Feel free to contact me...
  14. Sammacha

    Looking for a full body commission for female shark

    Hi there, my full body fully, full colour, digital images start at $35 and increase depending on details and complexity of the image you request. These include a very simple background such a colours, patterns shapes and a few other options such a very simple beach scene. I have a few cheaper...
  15. Sammacha

    N64 Games

    Not sure how that happened D: well maybe if I see them at the flea market I will try and grab some of them for you