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    anti-trolling comebacks

    hehe fctcsporks is youtube furs hating troll http://www.youtube.com/user/FCTCSporks i think he is here because account suspended and bored :o
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    Furry instincts...

    after drink much beer i piss like the racehorse i do not know if this is counting
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    Do you know if your furry

    real list is just one thing if some one ever wonder hey could i be the furry then answer is for sure yes but i think recoyote really ask for comedy list like jef foxworthy so here is one http://www.furry.org.au/mayfurr/ykyaffw.htm
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    Echo, echo, echo

    yes aden is probable right i do think you have the feedback mine also sounds like batcave if i drop headphones with mike near
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    Change how they look at us?

    history is reason fur was always sex but not also always big crazy poopdiaper no baths pedo ppl who like 6 leg bothsex horse and lube on tedy bear reason it change is one big shot guy when the convetion just start the long time ago say let anyone come to get attend number up was one guy i...
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    How does one ask this politely?

    man those is worst photo shop in history like cuts out with scissor from magazine :P
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    Ever wanted to do Concept Art before?

    if you base on the stick man concepts i can help you here you can see i draw the badger you must hurry with offer tho because john carmak ring my phone nuts off the hook all day and beg for contract of santos
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    Jack of Thompson's new campaign against Master Chief

    no next he will strike against heart of the horrible furry we cannot afford face his genious in prisons court so we should be quiet and leave him be tho jury of our peer would be in fursuits that would be awesome 8)
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    Jack of Thompson's new campaign against Master Chief

    i dont think he is serious one day his web site will change to say he is a somethingawful and its all the big troll
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    Silent Hill Thread

    i was never be afraid of pyramids head in rl because i can just find sewer manhole and make him follow down then laugh when he is stuck and dangle there by his big head i think that is why there was never manholes in silent hills because stuck pyramid head with feets kicking would ruin...
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    I cannot help but feel Oblivion ripped off...

    no i am meaning old joke about daggerfall guards 500 of them pop from noplace and chase you with axe for sleeping on a sidewalks and they shout HALT HALT HALT HALT HALT HALT :)
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    FurMorphed (furry hypnotism)

    if i am your friend i will give hypnosis docter 50 dollars to make you think you are richard simmon instead then laugh when you wear sequins :twisted:
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    I cannot help but feel Oblivion ripped off...

    yes it must be named HALT HALT HALT HALT
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    How did YOU become interested furry?

    this trap it has capture many and among them poor santos :oops:
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    Hello Everybody.

    my brother want a iguana for his son now so beware i lure you with leafs into the packing box