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    There is no way this guy is not a troll.
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    Where does all the money go?

    Protip: Hosting a site of this size costs a lot of money. Also, they are paying somebody to do the new UI. I am assuming that is included in that monthly charge (for now).
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    Total Virtual Reality Immersion, Furry Style. Would you try it?

    Yes. Just so that I could say that I did it. Oh, and just so that I could e-kill all the people I hate <3 This. <3
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    WTF moments in furry?

    Can't say that I have. Then again I was born without the benefit of a conscious... or a gag reflex. I saw way too much weird shit on the internet before I even discovered the furry fandom to be mindfucked by anything furries can pull. I don't think it is.
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    The animal in you

    Snake. At first I was like "what the flying fuck?!", then I read the description and I facedesked because most of it is true. Fuck my life. edit// I just read Bat and Porcupine (which were my alternatives) and found out that if I take parts of all the and mesh them together it fits me...
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    What if you woke up one day and your internet persona was real?

    I'd give him a gun and tell him to shoot me because obviously I've gone insane. If he shoots me and I die, it is obvious he is superior. If he shoots me and I live, it is obvious I am insane. It's a win-win situation! ... kinda... maybe... Here's a poser for you: would that be considered...
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    Hey all, a question, if you will...

    Wat .-. I don't even know what to say. I don't. Um... Good luck with that OutFoxed. Brb checking ED to see if you're on there yet...
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    Downloading music on a Mac

    But didn't you know that Mac mice only have ONE button?! You can't right-click!! zOMG! When you say "plugin issue" are you talking about a plugin installed on your browser or an FA issue? Usually just licking the "Download" button works if you can't stream it directly. I don't think FA was ever...
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    Hey all, a question, if you will...

    Make a journal implying you like to... ah... "play" with dogs. That will get you LOTS of attention. >:3
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    Whatever happened to...

    Totally forgot about this actually... not that I would ever use it anyways. We should have a list of things that were promised but never delivered. Then we should "stick it to the man" >:3 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
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    Discussion Thread for (preliminary?) New UI

    *necro'd* Just reread some of the thread and apparently the open beta will be mid-late May... ish? :( Sad fishstick is sad. Again, I ask (nicely): could we please get some kind of update on this? This is an update I've been waiting on since... well, a long time and I'm rather impatient about it...
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    FA won't take me anywhere after I log in

    http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/94311-3-12-11-Partial-Services-Down Possibly related.
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    Wasn't one of the recently let go admins supposed to be handling the advertising email account? Methinks this may have been overlooked.
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    Time out messages

    Don't try. It apparently burns a lot of resources to load an FA page right now. Download speeds go up to 1.5MBs from 100-150KBs when I stop loading a single page. >:[ /fail
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    Time out messages

    I can get it to load, but it takes like 5 minutes a page. Yippee doo dah day, someone probably tripped over a cable again. Good thing I actually have something to do. :3