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Sarcastic Coffeecup

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    DUDE!!! I MISSED YOU!! You always had some of the best posts from the old FAF
    Sarcastic Coffeecup
    Sarcastic Coffeecup
    Haha, I seldom come here anymore. Glad to know you like what I ramble the few times I do open my mouth though!
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    Yeah. I haven't seen much anyone else here from old Forums. I know Six is back too lol.
    Which means they should be delighted to support their new young, promising officer.
    They may seem minor but if they don't stop recurring it is an issue, trust me.

    When I was in basic training, my suicidal thoughts went through the roof. It was awful.
    Your military will take care of you if you have issues, if it's anything like ours.
    Our rule is if it can be demonstratably fixed to where you are fit for duty, all is good.

    Please, take care of yourself.
    I have a habit of misinterpreting things in the most negative way possible, so that doesn't help. I tend to view things in a very cynical light, which results in assuming people are largely negative in their responses when they might not be. For that, I apologize, I should have given you the benefit of the doubt knowing where you are currently and all that.
    I'll pass it as water under the bridge now, if you're willing to.
    Anyway, I should have waited to have a bit more level of a head before I made a response to that shit, but hearing people bitch about the comic thread and then not make any actual content to keep it going is irritating as fuck (and I know why you can't, I'm not including you in that generalization).
    Sorry that I came after you that way. [2/2] Stupid character limit. >:\
    Hey, didn't feel like continuing to drag that whole thing out in the comic thread, so I'll hit you here.
    Yeah, I was in a right pissed mood when I made that, so it was an agitated post I will admit. I thought about editing it down after the mods got involved, but I said my piece, not going to backpeddle thereafter. I'm just really sick of continuously seeing the issue come up, even after we tried to settle it once before to ambiguous answers and results.
    The way I saw it, it felt like you were hanging with one crowd, then turning and talking shit about them to a different crowd, jumping on the 'circlejerk bandwagon' as it were. It didn't make sense to me, and it felt disingenuous and sophomoric, things I don't expect from you. So, yeah, if I sounded a little confrontational, that's why. [1/2]
    Eyyyy fuck my life, unohdin että eilen oli sun syntymäpäivä joten..... hyvää syntymäpäiväääääää! T. Heinoset
    I sent a message to Simo explaining that your message was not intended to be a homophobic insult, and saying that you might contact him if he removes you from his blocked list.

    Some native English speakers aren't aware of the casual use of the word fag online, and only know its alternate meaning.
    Ja onnea armeijaan. o7
    Thanks for inviting me to the plug room man, i found quite a few new bands to check out. ^_^

    I feel like i should apologize for not talking though, but i was busy and feeling anti social so...
    Thanks for the offer but I'll have to pass. I've had enough reminder of how much I suck for one day. :T
    So far, so good, I think. If anything does pop up, I'll let you know as soon as I can, but I don't foresee that happening.
    Do you have a preference for food stuffs while you're here, or drinks? Answer true, I wanna be a good hostess. C:
    Are you busy at the moment? If not, mind if I hit you up on Skype to better schedule and discuss? Probably go faster than msg-tag on there.
    The weekend of the 13th/14th, my husband is working, but he's got off for the weekend of the 20th/21st. But if that doesn't work for you, that's alright, you just go and enjoy those tanks.
    Somewhat related, learned over the weekend my husband's grandfather drove a StuG. We don't know why exactly, but we don't need one. Grandpa-Badassery officially increased.
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