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Sarcastic Coffeecup

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  • A thought. If your username is Sarcastic Coffeecup does that mean everything you say is sarcastic? Maybe when you use :V it denotes sincerity :p
    You mean I won the super green gemini croquet contest?! Well since I AM FIRED, I'mma tell the world to BZZZ-Z-Z-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ, get me some CASHH-SHH-SHH-SSHH and cruise on down to FLHOSTON PARADISE!
    Yeah you're right, not sure what I was thinking. I must have just been over excited from my new multipass.
    Aah! I ran into a McDonalds delivery vehicle last Tuesday, I've only got 3 left! Guess I'll put this on. Now I know what you're thinking, "am I nervous in the service?"...The answer is ....Uuhh...Not really. Cause I make these bandages look good. Now lets make out in the recovery tube.
    It's long past time...Now which one of us is going to strip down and put on these bandage wrap clothes?
    Hey sarcastic i don't know if you know me at all or not but i know we have talked to each other a few times but i decided to go to your profile and your avatar looks hella cool do you draw your avi's? The artwork is amazing
    Yeah, this gal isn't really dapper fur. Adima is, but when I got this piece of art of my foxsatyr (she has no name yet) I really wanted to show it off. So my avatar it became. ^_^
    True, it won't make us any classier, but other than you I don't know any other dapper/classier than f*ck furs.
    Hey man, I just have to say...

    Your character Reyzar is ridiculously awesome. C:
    Hello there fellow sergal! I just so happened to stumble upon your page on accident, and couldn't leave without dropping a compliment on your amazing profile picture! Have a nice day/noon/night, depending on where you're at.%2Pr
    I don't know if i'm spamming every opportunity; I have ideas for things I want to see drawn, and when I see people are taking requests, I decide to suggest my ideas.

    Granted some of them are a little weird, but I figure I might as well ask, just for the heck of it.
    Also, before a couple days ago I hadn't visited the site in quite some time. I guess if I want a request I should visit more often huh?
    So far I'm loving the game, though I miss my Spiteful Spirit-build on my necro. :'D
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