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  • Man, that does sound quite fun...Alkali was super super nice when I talked to him too.

    It does sound like something I wanna do eventually, but for now it's not possible. :< I am from that area though so if I have spring break I'll at least be around. Dunno if I'd be in a position to get a pass but it is possible depending on the weekend I'll at least be able to be in the area.
    Aw, wish you could have been there for more. The games were pretty fun. I wish there were a few more interesting panels though. There was one on Saturday I think that went really in-depth into animal anatomy which was really rad. Alkali is a riot dude. Playing games with him is hilarious.
    i don't believe I did. I saw the stand up bit and was with friends who were actually staying at the whole con (I got a one day pass) so I pretty much just went wherever they did, which was upstairs when there was only DDR (shouldn't have played that) but not when there were more games.

    I did see Xander and actually did a small stand up bit for the open mic (which was embarrassing but Alkali actually complimented me which was k). in all honesty i did not see that much overall though. :<
    I actually was! I no longer live in that area so I probably won't be this year (I got extremely lucky as it was last year; turned 18 mere days before the event, and despite having several plans that weekend, none of them conflicted).
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