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Behold I am Savarin Olympia Divin I am lock away in dimensional of dreams. I reside within the ether, no time nor sound can ever touch me. I am lock away with only my thoughts...mmmph how long has it been? 8 months No maybe 10 years. . And only now I can reflect face the nightmares and maybe perhaps one day light will break through the darkness and I can finally pardon my heart and ease my weary soul. . . .
In the Ether
Fur Affinity Page
A pan...cat... *looks at a mirror* A angel....?
A goddess of the ether and creator of beings


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¸.··.¸¸.·¯⍣✩ Savarin Olympia Divin✩⍣¯·.¸¸.··.¸
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