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    FA - Back Online

    Doh! Wrong thread. :P
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    Continued: "Furaffinity will not be up tonight (that is, Monday)" discussion

    OMG, is the influx of furry fappage killing Trogdor? Something seems to be dieing a little. XD Still up, but getting a lot of blank and missing stuff now.
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    We have 5 housecats, 1 of which was a rescue and the other 4 were all strays that showed up outside our house. Our two house rabbits were both adopted from the ASPCA as well. We rescued a few turtles that were hit on the road but one of the two died unfortunately. I also save frogs on a daily...
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    I need your honest opinion, furries

    I paid 30 dollars for my badge commission (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1342300/) and in my view it is worth every penny! I will gladly pay for great work. Currently, like most furs it seems, I am strapped for cash now though so anything I do get will be cheaper most likely or I will just...
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    Furs by Area Code

    240 and 301 here.
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    Hello there, welcome! *hands a couple of nuts to you* (okay, everyone get their minds out of the gutter) XD
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    Damn codewolf, you just made me almost spit my mac and cheese all over my compy screen. Thanks for the good laugh. Oh, also *waves to the noob* (joking) Welcome to the forums!
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    Mario Kart Wii Code Swap

    Went through and added everyone here (will send PM's as well). Please feel free to add me 0860 3628 6309 I don't play as much as some people probably do but usually can hold my own in the online races and have been on it quite a bit more than Brawl recently. Hated Rainbow Road when I...
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    Anyone like drawing squirrels perhaps?

    :) Thank you, I love him. The splotch of red hair on top looks great, and I love the little smiling sun. Thank you for being the first person to give me a good glimpse into my fursona. I would probably be more grey but it is an awesome start and gives me lots to think about in what I like...
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    VA Furmeet?

    haha, what is it with Virginia? :P I am right around DC so I subscribe to the Maryland and Virginia Fur groups and I just laugh at all the arguments going on in the Virginia group as opposed to the Maryland group, even though the Maryland group supposedly has more members. Just seems like...
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    Anyone like drawing squirrels perhaps?

    Ohhh, thankies LadyMissie. Please feel free to draw my character however you want to, in whatever style as you want. I will be more than thrilled with whatever you or anyone else comes up with for Scooter. :D
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    Anyone like drawing squirrels perhaps?

    Is there anyone that wouldn't mind helping a squirrel obtain his first anthro drawing of some sorts? I have been active in the fandom now for over a half year (atleast on the computer end, only been to a couple of local meets so far) and don't even have one drawing of my fursona. I wouldn't...
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    VA Furmeet?

    I don't know, perhaps there could be two separate meets perhaps? Personally, I like the amusement park (be it Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens), partly because I just like that sort of thing, I understand others may not. BTW, if you think Kings Dominion is crappy don't ever come up the the...
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    Super Smash Brothers Brawl Wireless!

    I haven't played a friends match yet. Only about five on this list are actually confirmed but never seem to be online when I am. :P I will go through and add the newest people later tonight.