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  1. ScottDMSimmonsArt

    Available for Commissions!

    Hello! I am new here, but I've been doing comic book art and cards for over a decade, including for Arcana, Lucasfilm, Image, Moonstone, Topps, and various independent companies. I recently signed on with Ringtail Cafe to be the inker on "The Confectionaries" and I've been set up at the Fur...
  2. ScottDMSimmonsArt

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm Scott and I am comic book illustrator from Cincinnati, Ohio. I recently signed on with my friends at Ringtail Cafe as the inker of The Confectionaries, and I've been a guest artist at Fur Reality the past two years, returning this year as well. My credits include Star Wars...
  3. ScottDMSimmonsArt

    Commissions available!

    Hi all, I am a comic book illustrator who loves doing commissions as well. If you are looking for commissions, I invite you to check out my Commissions Info Page (complete with image samples and price breakdowns): www.scottdmsimmonsart.com: Commissions My credits include official artwork for...
  4. ScottDMSimmonsArt

    Looking for an artist to get my first commission

    I have a page outlining my various commission types and sizes that I have available, as well as pricing! Here is the link! Let me know if you are interested! Thanks! www.scottdmsimmonsart.com: Commissions