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    Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is now confirmed

    With how shitty TOR is, they probably WILL release it just to keep the company afloat :v
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    Can I ask (gay) dating advice here?

    QQ 'Bent' implies being broken. DD do you really think I'm broken? v.v
  3. Scotty1700

    [Unofficial] FAF Minecraft Server

    Do you guys use like vent, xfire, skype, or anything? Think that'd be really cool but that's just me.
  4. Scotty1700

    Wishful Remakes?

    Uuugh yes plz. I'd so die in bliss if they ever remade G-Nome. Such an awesome game <3
  5. Scotty1700

    How do you break conditioning?

    Me, myself, and I.
  6. Scotty1700

    How do you break conditioning?

    Quit going to cons and quit getting laid at said cons with people you don't know especially since you're classified as homeless, jobless, and all but disowned by your family for being a naive arse. You're refusing to let go to your past and you're trying too hard to reconnect to something that's...
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    Gift Ideas for an Ex.

    My dick. ​Chillax, it's an inside joke.
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    Marriage Vs. Mateship

    While you're in the skype call clicking on the gestures "I want", "giant member", and "please!!?" consecutively :V Derpmatian!! You want the yiffeh times all right :p
  9. Scotty1700

    Marriage Vs. Mateship

    "Yip yip yip!" Noooope, seems like a slutfox to me! Or maybe you're not as bad, maybe just a slutmatian instead :3
  10. Scotty1700

    Legit Question - Overweight People in the Fandom

    Oh buddy, I'm sooooo glad I'm only 140 lbs. God forbid I be overweight like I DUNNO, 33.8% of Americans. The point is a lot of people are, it has nothing to do with you so deal with it, you twat.
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    FaF, what should I do?

    If any furfag were to open a bike shop, it should be you. Go for it if you have the time and money.
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    Magic: The Gathering

    There's 5 cent common staples but also expensive staples. The set of 5 swords (Feast and famine = $35, Fire and Ice = $35, War and Peace = $20, Light and Shadow = $25, Body and mind = $10) , Akroma's Memorial ($20) , depending on colors you have multiple legendaries worth looking into, there's a...
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    Magic: The Gathering

    edit: Double post.
  14. Scotty1700

    Magic: The Gathering

    Because most new players don't have the expensive staples that go along with it. Sure you /could/ go out and get the premade decks but you'll lose every time to someone who invested a little more into their deck. Well I'm no pro player and I don't have all the cards I'd like for the deck but...
  15. Scotty1700

    Dubstep (and similar genres) Thread!

    Meh, to each their own. I find it sounds really cool, dubstep sorta revolves around the electric sound, loads a bass, and the drop of course so if you don't like that part of the song then it makes sense you don't like dubstep :p