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  1. scrupuloussnollygoster

    Need examples for commissions

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! I'd love to see either my bunny Fiver or one of my cats Feline Fine / Feline Freaky in your art style if possible! :^O Thank you in advance if you decide to draw one of them, and good luck with your commissions!
  2. scrupuloussnollygoster

    3 Request Slots Open

    Hi! I'm opening up 3 slots for art requests because there are some things I'd like to practice on! SFW or NSFW is fine, I would actually prefer it to be NSFW because I have no interest in drawing that kind of thing for myself and desperately need practice in case somebody commissions NSFW stuff...
  3. scrupuloussnollygoster


    I'm Pom! =) I've had my furaffinity for a while but I haven't really been active on it until now, and this is my first time going into the forums [that being said sorry if I mess up where / what I post and stuff!] :^D My fursona is a black pomeranian named... Pom [as you can tell I'm very...