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    Any Christian Furs out there?

    Christian belief is filled with holes. Example: we were made in gods image Question to “god”? So you’re Hitler too?
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    Any Christian Furs out there?

    It’s more like there is a god, but the beliefs we have are wrong since we made them not the thing that made people. To me conventional religious beliefs have their place with some but the people who made the major religions had their own agenda. Like 1000 Years from now Scientology could be the...
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    Any Christian Furs out there?

    Yes and no? It is a long story there
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    Hello I have a few questions!

    Just ask some others for NSFW areas if that’s what you want, other then that be yourself and you shall be loved
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    New to FA

    We all love you here<3
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    Risk Mitigation

    Yeah these places always sell day passes and start small if you have social anxiety. However the free room and travel is more on you. The free room is probably easier then the free travel so sorry I cannot help you even though I’d love to. Also understand getting free travel you will need to...
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    Who's going to Anthrocon?

    Jealous of all
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    Meet Local Furries

    I live in this country: Albany NY USA My age is: enough to party My gender is: Male My sexuality is: straight My hobbies include: video games and throwing rocks at things
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    Yiff n Stuff

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    (New) New Furry Server on Discord!

    It doesn’t want any more passengers going in and out of it whenever they please beating the place up
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    Best choice of convention for the first time

    I probably will if the money lines up which it should just I live two hours north of NYC. So going to Anthrocon money and time wise is easier but I’d rather spend a little more for a more memorable time.
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    A movie or TV show where the anthropomorphic goat (ferals allowed) is not the villain

    I cured all the worlds diseases during this internet argument.
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    Hi guys! New to the Furry Community!

    Welcome I think it is apparent if you want help with anything please don’t hesitate to! Plenty of friendly people so don’t be shy look forward to seeing you tomorrow <3
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    Best choice of convention for the first time

    Alright does that con do the whole splitting a room with an extra bed in the hotels because I saw that going on with the other. Seems like a good way to save money and make it easier for others to go too. I have been to cons before namely comic con I don’t think I ate because I was to caught up...
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    Best choice of convention for the first time

    I’m posting this here because I want the most feedback on this. I’m not sure what is the best choice for a first con. If it was your choice and you know what you know now would you pick. Anthrocon, Furry Weekend Atlanta or Midwest Furfest. I’m going to look at the events of next years when they...