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  • That's the cool thing. You don't have to. Just do like I do. Say the first thing that comes to mind and don't hold back no matter what. Give it a shot. I'm curious as to what you can think :)
    What!? Bud come on now haha. You mean to be telling me you just let things pass you. How's enything exciting going to happen?

    I can still work with that though. How about a video that starts in the beginning of awesome feats. Then slowly works it's way through all the great moments in time. Starting in black and white, silent. Then moving to having sound. Then with color and sound. Putting some awesomely inspiring music in the background that deals with something a long the lines of all forms of music that follows the historical music for the times. And as the movie goes along it gets louder, more into your face. Then ending in a light sounding musical tone. And at the very ending, a short question that makes the viewer wonder what they could do.

    How's that?
    What?! Bud, you need to do something amazing. Something like, climb Mt. Everest twice, faster than eny one has ever before, while singing a world wide hit song that you made while wrestling a grisly bear on a air plane, that was flying around the world more times and faster then enyone else.

    What do you say. Sound like a plan?
    Wow, I feel like a douche. 8 months later. But I must say, very good timing. You have to post on my visitor message wall so that I know you responded :)

    So, is there enything fun and interesting now?
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