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  • I'm only been playing guitar for two years, and half the time I'm just going over scales and screwing around because "hurrr it sounds kewl." If I could play anything, it would be hardcore rock, definitely.
    I always fear that I'm either doing it wrong, or I'm doing it so much that it's going to snap back and cut my face off.
    No I did not know. I am glad. And you my friend are my hero in being the bread and butter working to achieve equal rights for us pansexuals
    haha well i have been exercising my puns as of late. Not on here but at work. This older guy I work with and I have the occasional competition of puns. They make it so easy there
    "Most foul"? I'll have you know I've still got the talont. It's not like I'm chicken or anything :V
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