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  • I am the same as you left me. :3
    And the mods have been cleaning up the place actually. I think it's shifting towards a more friendly environment. Even Mentova's been clearing up some hostile stuff in the Den.
    I was being mean. I deserved it. Where the HELL did you come from? I thought you fled for the hills. O^O
    ...well, I think any more than one is too many. How would you fit the others on at the same time?

    Yaaay \:3/

    y u no skype anymore??

    (Also, lul at all the people suckin your dick on this page :v)
    I honestly have no idea. Red is more a "classic" color, but I see a lot of red bugs. Purple is a little flashy, but unique. I RARELY see purple beetles, or purple cars in general.
    But then again, maybe there's a reason for that. XD
    And also with the red, I see a lot of red bugs, but not a lot of nice, clean red bugs. They're usually faded and/or rusty. So a clean, new red could still stand out.
    Decisions, decisions...
    ...I don't think they carry purple carpet. Plus, my dad apparently already ordered black. :c
    There's still a chance for the outside of the car to be purple though... But I'm still wondering if I really should just paint it red.
    It's no problem, I had to go to sleep a little while after that, too. ^^;
    I'm on again now, though.
    I think I've had the bug for... About a year now, maybe? Or maybe half a year. I have terrible memory. I just came home one night and POOF, it was there waiting for me. XD
    I haven't actually driven it yet, though. >>; And right now I'm mostly doing interior work.

    Don't worry, you'll get to see it! It's probably not as good as you might think though. XD I'm actually on Skype right now if you'd like to chat.
    Mostly I've been browsing the Internet, trying to finish the plushies that need finishing, or working on the Beetle.
    Yeah, I do have some pictures actually, but I've got to go dig them up from my files. XD
    I'm taking some new pics of the one I've been finishing up. I actually made it a while back, but never "truly" finished it.
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