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Seian Verian
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  • Yeah, I hope it goes well. I'm just glad I got a chance to send this, I hate being offline especially when it's so sudden... I don't think the power will be back on before I leave, but maybe it'll be up and working for tomorrow, my last day here.
    My power got knocked out by a big storm, so, unfortunately, I won't get to talk to you much or offer a very good goodbye before I set off for Europe. I'm using my friend's computer to offer this short bit, at least it's something. Take care Seian.
    Bah I couldn't think of the word I wanted for not noticable (it was inconspicuous btw figured it out) so I twisted it a little. Incandescent is usually emitting light, but it can also be like lucid--which usually means clear or simple, so I meant like bright but still clear and unnoticed. Anyways, ignoring my vocab. Yeah, they suck, but don't take it too seriously, everyone has them. You seem swell enough.
    Ah, yeah I feel pretty incandescent most the time, so that's fairly familiar. Hopefully I can help cheer you up some. And bah insecurities are just making up for really strong character traits elsewhere.
    Ah, I'm ok. Yup, you're interesting enough in the GTWT, and I realized you weren't doing too well so I thought I'd be sociable. Plus you used the word inquiry, so you're worth at least offering a hello to ^^. Why aren't you doing well?
    I'd be charmed. To tell you the truth, though, I only go on Skype once in a blue moon.
    Sorry, I had forgotten about it ^^;;
    That said, it's always nice to have more people to talk to and in the mean I've come to know you a bit better. So yeah, sorry for forgetting, I'll PM you mine, you PM me yours.
    You do?... thanks. This may seems like a question of ego-boosting, but what led you to think that?
    And yes, I do have one. What'd be yours?
    You're sweet, man. Thanks, I really appreciate the way you care. :3
    I'd like that. My skype is in my profile here. At the moment I'm about to step away to get some food, though.
    I hold no enemies but only friends no one can truly hate one another. Only the unloved and the unatural truly hate. There is a friendship and bond that ties every man women and child together in this world. That my friend is kindness. We all have it in our heart and by simply communicating with one another you have shown me that you have it as well. You could have not even told me and just declined but you actually told me why. This makes a person rest easy knowing they have not wronged one another. Thank you.
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