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    Looking to commission a ref sheet and more for a Badger

    Hey! I could do a reference sheet or a headshot for you. Here are some examples of my work! A reference like this would cost 18$! (It's more of a chibi style.) I could do a flat headshot / badge for 13$! Feel free to PM me on furaffinity (biblicalbeasts), deviantart (seikc, with a c at the...
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    Seiko's Digital Art Shop 5 - 40 $

  3. Seiko

    Quality Kawaii Chibis $10 [OPEN]

    I love ur work! I wanna commission one of these sometime! maybe even two!
  4. Seiko

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

    Hello there! I would be willing to work with you on your request. My pricelist is located here: forums.furaffinity.net: Seiko's Digital Art Shop 5 - 40 $ I could do colored sketches for 5$ each - then I could alternate the colors for free. So, if you ordered a colored sketch for these two...
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    Summer Commissions ($5-$10)

    your art is lovely !
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    do you have ref examples and a price range ?
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    omg haha this actually made me giggle
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    Looking for Inexpensive, NSFW, Stylistic Commissions (<$20)

    Here are some examples of my artwork! Here is my thread of my prices -- > forums.furaffinity.net: Seiko's Digital Art Shop 5 - 40 $ Artistic nudity is ok with me.
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    Hello, I am looking to hire someone who can draw humans and can do a reference sheet. I currently am just looking, I really don't have a budget rn, I don't plan on spending more than 60$. I would like to pay around 30-40$. Again, I won't be hiring right away, chances are you can drop your...
  10. Seiko

    Basic Ref Sheet(s)

    Hello! I'm Seiko. I am a small artist getting into taking commissions. I do reference sheets, mine are a very simple format. They will be 10-20 dollars depending on if you want a back view, detailed accessories, etc. Examples: Thank you ! You can message me here or email me at...
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    Icon/ Avatar

    Hello! I am Seiko, a small artist. I am willing to work with you through WIPS, streams, and simple communication for your project or piece!! I do many things, but I will put my most - bought options as of now! I DO do animated icons! 3$-5$! They can be sized yo whatever you want ! Chibi's are...
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    I make badges for 5$ I can shade it for 10! My email is seikokimura1999@gmail.com if you want to order, or you can PM me, etc !