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    sort submissions by artist

    Hi! we already have sorting per last or first day of appearance, but would it be possible to sort them per artist name? I want to say, with throusands I follow, this feature would be quite handy. ~selth
  2. selth


    as per this thread : http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=72160 the suggestion of hiding comments pending moderation on commission. hiding would happen like on youtube, aka comment not shown unles someone expands it. suggesting also a way to resolve conflicts with mutual agreement...
  3. selth

    moderation of comments

    Looking at the conversation... I think we should get a "pending admin action" status that let people see the comment if they wish to, but keep it folded otherwise. That is, until an admin can evaluate the situation. Regarding the scenario described, I believe it falls under flagging an upload...
  4. selth

    moderation of comments

    Hi, Right now it isn't possible to report or remove or hide comments made on an upload while it is possible to remove shouts from your page. this is a rather important feature. exemple : on a picture of a female draogn fursuiter, I got a conderfull "no penis hole"... comment maker will not be...
  5. selth

    replacing paypal with...

    yeah, we 'should' not say those are comissions. I usualy say I paid for a service (as they still have rights on the picture) ; if required to leave a message I remain as vague as possible. This was more of something for FA, but well, maybe there's no need for it. that's for admins to know!
  6. selth

    replacing paypal with...

    possibly alertpay, which is known to be adult-friendly it would appear. paypal seem to sometime allow adult uses, better check with them again and initiate a conversation. if that fails, there are alternatives, like an item shop or simply a volonteer to gather money before doing a large...
  7. selth

    "Your account has been hijacked/disabled."

    Dear sir admin, I enjoy that you spend your time over password details and I ensure you you could be using a simple script with a regular expression to check passwords against "does it have X letters, does it has at least 1 number, ..." Those kinds of script are used everywhere and I'll...
  8. selth

    Comments...such hostility

    people may find it usefull to rate comments, no? that way we can decide what comments to hide or not. Famous sites like youtube and newgrounds have this in place.
  9. selth

    The By You/For You Policy

    folks, any interested in a feature to get better handling on commission, feel free to read http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=36553
  10. selth

    better handling of commissions (read for details)

    Having read what is going on the thread about 'by you/ for you' etc... here is what I suggest : in the upload form, propose for an option saying 'upload commission' Then, use a form to place input of the name of the artist and, in order to evade updating too much code and database, why not...
  11. selth

    Deleting notes and hiding comments

    I agree with this! I would like also that posts can be hidden regarding their content, aka: if they are not "to be accessible by people who can not view adult images", sometimes, it would be just best to hide/remove the comments so that the picture stays G-rated.
  12. selth

    The By You/For You Policy

    Interresting discution. what about the intent? if it is clear, from the start, that the commission is to be displayed, that fails the need of a written contract. Now, there are other policies that can be used to protect work such as the open world's. Can't remember it all as is, but...
  13. selth

    get more W3C compliant!

    I believe the parameters you set to a node can be inherited... and overwritten, considering you don't forget to do so. still, I wouldn't recommend applying anything to <html> or <iframe> but to a container such as <table> or <p>. though, if you do create a small page that is to be used as...
  14. selth

    get more W3C compliant!

    ... google. not complaining because it displays fine. but if I change the default it no longer does....
  15. selth

    Open Source?

    Hey,I was looking for reasons that's all. Personally having FA's code at disposal would be *great*, I just wanted to warn. If admins are ready to work out to patch errors and use a good system to manage the code, that's great! What we would first see would probably be deviations of its code...