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    What do you think of this image?

    that's really scary. i don't want to see that in the middle of the night. you'll give me nightmares.
  2. SerlisTialo

    Gun chat

    where i live now after emigrating the people here like guns a lot but i don't know anything an i feel out of the loop.
  3. SerlisTialo

    Instant Unfaves

    some people fav art they see on the homepage and then go to their faves to add them to bookmarks in their browser. i know a guy that does that.
  4. SerlisTialo

    Bird Appreciation Thread

    Taoniscus It's technically a supersonic ostrich
  5. SerlisTialo

    Tan lines

    i know. i was joking.
  6. SerlisTialo

    Language furs

    i've spent too long trying to understand different languages to start experimenting with it
  7. SerlisTialo

    What do you think of this image?

    i found it https://www.etsy.com/listing/944740793/blue-among-us-cat-pillow-blue-among-us
  8. SerlisTialo

    Tan lines

    so when did she start using headphones? and how the hell did they manage to put the mask back on in exactly the same position each time.
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    Tis mah Birthday!

    Happy B-late B-day
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    Open Chat

    Your sig reads "Don't listen to the mainstream media, it's cancer in vision form" and boy are you a man of your word.
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    Things That You Love v3.0

    ooh i've tried cedarwood soap too. that stuff's delicious.
  12. SerlisTialo

    Should animal abuse be punishable by prison time?

    i need that on a shirt
  13. SerlisTialo

    Project/Homework Help Thread

    As an immigrant i think that a lot of places have the same recognisable traits just by coincidence because that's the best way for life to survive. You learn to let go of the fact that the visuals are unfamiliar and look for the similarities in the error cough of the strange land. Everyone is...
  14. SerlisTialo

    Cool extinct lads

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recently_extinct_invertebrates 400 species that have gone extinct in the last 5 years.
  15. SerlisTialo

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    people who were in the military that expect everyone to be peak fitness all the time.