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    Hiring: Wanting to commission an artist for a ref sheet. $35 to $75

    Hiya! I have my prices listed all in here aminoapps.com: Commision Info | Wiki | Furry Amino Basically, they start at $30 but they can go up to $60 depending on the version you want.
  2. SerperiorGleaf

    [OPEN] Serperior Fullbodies ($20-$27)

    Ello! I've never tried selling here before, I am often found on Furry Amino. So lets try this Paypal only :3 Queue [Here!|https://trello.com/b/HGqz8z0G/queue-for-coms] WARNING I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS AND I WILL NOT DO THE ART BEFORE PAYMENT. WHAT I CAN DRAW I can do: dragons, humans...
  3. SerperiorGleaf

    Seeking Commissions

    hiya! I'm a bit new on Forums and I don't understand how to post pics on this.. but I am experienced in commisions. Mostly on furry amino. On this, you can see all of my prices and examples. but basically, my headshots are 6$, busts are 10$, and full bodies are 10$. Commission wiki