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    Martial Art Furs

    Speaking of martial arts, have any of you seen Baki? (Yes, I found it through Beastars too since the daughter of Baki writes Beastars) It's very over the top, but I'm wondering how close is it to describing the dozens of martial arts styles in there? Cool to see some European martial arts in...
  2. Seth_Wolf

    Martial Art Furs

    I used to do karate kid, and there was even a guy in our neighborhood who gave free ninjutsu classes, though I don't know if that's real XD I've done some judo since then too, and play around with archery. I don't think I'm dedicated enough to say I do martial arts, but I am a big fan of them.
  3. Seth_Wolf

    BNA: Brand New Animal Discussion

    Ha, that explains it! Thanks!
  4. Seth_Wolf

    BNA: Brand New Animal Discussion

    Hey, just wanna say thanks for getting me to watch Kill la Kill. It started out do weird and corny, but man it got good!
  5. Seth_Wolf

    AYA: Ask Yourself Anything

    Vigorous wrist exercises multiple times a day. What am I doing with my life?
  6. Seth_Wolf

    Furries with aphantasia?

    I should add that when I (and I guess others) visualize things, it's not like I see things clearly as if they are a hologram floating in front of me or a picture on a screen. It's also somewhat... How to describe it... Like you're reaching for an image in your mind and it's hard to grasp, where...
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    Fighting fit to squash the pathowogen

    I do one sit-up when I get out of bed in the morning, and one half of a push-up before I get to bed. Yeah, I'm not healthy at all ;.;
  8. Seth_Wolf

    What's your internal monologue like?

    Mine is sporadic. It's "my" voice, but as we all know what we sound like in our head and what we hear when we're recorded is different. I usually hear it spell out when I'm reading or typing, and sometimes I talk to myself in my head, or sometimes out loud. But it's usually just me talking to...
  9. Seth_Wolf

    BNA: Brand New Animal Discussion

    I finally watched some Kill la Kill, and I can definitely see what people say by Trigger Studio style. It actually really reminded me of another old anime called FLCL, and now I'm wondering if they're related, since wiki doesn't say Trigger did FLCL, but the animation quirks are exactly the same.
  10. Seth_Wolf

    Say ONE thing about you.

    I love to cook
  11. Seth_Wolf

    BNA: Brand New Animal Discussion

    @Troj agreed. The Deus Ex Machina was strong here.
  12. Seth_Wolf

    BNA: Brand New Animal Discussion

    Oh, I completely forgot about the baseball episode. Why does every anime series seem to have a complete unnecessary to the plot sports episode? XD
  13. Seth_Wolf

    Hi everybody!

    Haha, you'll probably be surprised, but what you're doing is probably way more complicated than what I do XD I tried doing 3D sculpting with those character animation programs, and they were way too complicated for me to figure out. There's not much math in my stuff at this point. Usually is...
  14. Seth_Wolf

    Time Travelling ?? GREAT SCOTT !!

    What? I'm talking about knowing the laws and the rules of survival, vs being an immigrant in a foreign time you know nothing about
  15. Seth_Wolf

    BNA: Brand New Animal Discussion

    I actually didn't even realize that he's the only wolf. But there were a lot of characters who were the only ones of their species. Guess now I'll have to watch kill la kill