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    How Many Non-Furries are on this site?

    holy shit, batman, a non-furry! KILLEET! |:D
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    good experience, bad experience

    actually, i intended it to work differently, but this is what we came up with. oh well. anyhoo: "but then the sucker crashed it and got caught..."
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    good experience, bad experience

    "but he drove us into the gang end of town and we got carjacked..."
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    good experience, bad experience

    ok, here's how it works: you post an event and a good experience, and the next person posts a bad experience. like so: "i think i just dated a gay man." get it? just remember that it has to be the same basic event, no matter how different the actual events were. i'll start: guy goes to...
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    The 5 Stages of Grief

    hehaha, that was funny. i'm definitely anger O_e
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    Against The Grain: Furs Who Break The Stereotypes

    maybe i'm green, but i haven't come across any of the beltandzipper types, although i know what youre talking about. anyway, i guess my fursona is kind of stereotypical, since it's a tall, muscular dog, but then again, how many tall, muscular people do you come across who aren't overly...
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    My name is SecreT and I'm a human...

    i completely agree. being different (read: furry) always has and always will appeal to me, but i would never confuse myself with my fursona (not possible; i haven't even drawn him out in full yet)
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    I can't decide a fersona.

    haha, you're funny. good joke. i'd pick husky, although it would've been a good idea to make a poll.
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    what furry are you ? * points*

    rottie. they have a personality that i've always liked- strong, friendly and protective. besides, i've always felt a little, uh, small. ^^'