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  • I want to know who decided that flaxseed should be the perfect size to get stuck around my brackets.
    'Bow' might be one of the most obnoxious words to have to search when you're looking for references.
    The Japanese translator for the Uncovered FFXV stream was so excited that she kept slipping into English. Too cute. T_T
    FA has taught me that the true meaning of Easter is that all the mammals get to lay a pile of eggs. Not just the rabbits. #themoreyouknow
    Currently trying to will myself into not getting sick before my dental/ortho appointments. Mostly by cussing at my immune system.
    Since I do a lot of my drawing and writing while I'm at work, I guess I could say I get paid for my art. Sort of.
    Pro tip: Don't get older than, say, 23 or so if you can manage. Being an adult is only useful for being able to buy your own stuff.
    I am a mature and responsible adult. That's why I made sure to get my code for a Mew today before they stop being available.
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