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  • Alright, dude! I'm always usually down for company. You just gotta talk to me sometime. I'll oblige you.
    I don't feel alone at all, honestly. About a dozen people have spammed my inbox(es), my Skype, and I made a couple of friends out of it. People have been banding together because of what happened to Red, and honestly it's kind of a beautiful thing. Even gone, she's brought people together. I'll never forget her.
    I still have lots of trouble with hair myself, but sure! I'll do my best to be of help!

    Do you have any sample pieces of what you're working on? Just so I can get a gauge on where you're at and how I can help.
    I still have lots of trouble with hair myself, but sure! I'll do my best to be of help!

    Do youbhave anybsample pieces of what you're working on? Just so I can get a gauge on where you're at and how I can help.
    You never know unless you try. Before you know it gamers will start complaining about DR trolls. I can see it being like a video game or even attempted movie.
    Niiiice! I'm really interested in the science in all of that. How does a dimension runner travel? I'm looking forward to learning more about your story. Is this going to turn into a video game or stay as an animation?
    Animation is part art and part observation. If you want to know how fur moves you'll have to really watch a fox and watch how it moves when it's running or walking.
    And why did I google that! It's one of those songs that never ends!
    There's three different stories I have, but not sure which one to start with. I might start with first story since I have most progress with the storyline. It's about a group of siblings that are Inugami (dog spirits) and they are in the middle of a civil war with the kitsune (fox spirits). One of the siblings is an adopted kitsune, so they have to try hard to protect her.
    Ohhh now I understand. It's interesting how school systems work in different countries. I'm going to 2D animation. Not a big fan of 3D. Some are cool, but I wouldn't do it myself.
    Hahaha! I want to study animation there. I want to create anime and manga, so I can start my own otaku cult :V
    By the time you enter college you'll be ahead of everyone else. Assuming you can start beginners classes and everyone else will be in introduction classes.
    Music technology sounds so awesome! I'm sure you'll be able to get into college, so don't worry too much about it.
    I heard some of your pieces from the comic thread and you got a good start. Could be something you can use for your portfolio, if you need one to get in college.
    Trying to pass all of my classes with As so I can study abroad in Japan while maintaining my sanity. I was starting to burn out thank goodness for spring break. I can hang out with my FAF friends now.
    Shit dude that's a lot. Hope everything works out for you. Especially the college and book/animation thing.
    Look deep into your heart. Summon all of your courage and...write a fanfiction.
    No seriously it will come to you. Sometimes dreams make awesome stories too
    I know the feeling. I have two presentations that have to be 20 minutes long and an exam. Such is life :V
    You haven't written anything in a while. Why not try writing again?
    Hey hey no throwing up on my profile :V That's okay I'll just have Gnarl clean it.
    I am doing goooood! How about you?
    I made sure it was strawberry. Don't forget your master sword when you go out. It's dangerous out there.
    And corn? I like corn. Are we talking about real food cause I'm actually hungry right now and would love for someone to cook for me. XD
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