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  1. Shadowfurykatrina

    Hiring: LF Feral art $5-$30

    Heyo! I love hiM I have feral commissions open~ prices are here~ Shasha is taking commissions! - PoiZen.me a normal fullbody starts at 10 USD, chibi ones start at 7 USD and i have tiny cheebs for 5 USD!
  2. Shadowfurykatrina

    $5 quick uncolored bust sketches! feral,human & anthro

    trying to get some extra quick cash before AX SO (I'm going on the 5th so the quicker i get the money, the better) offering some quick sketches! examples under spoiler! $5 USD for uncolored bust - $6 USD for colored bust feminine nippies are allowed payment accepted through venmo and paypal~...
  3. Shadowfurykatrina

    LF: Oc and Couple Art! SFW or NSFW! {$5-$100}

    My commission prices range from $5 - 10+ USD ~ in detailed pricing here - Shasha is taking commissions! - PoiZen.me along with more examples than the ones I'm sharing~